The pressure is rising to secure a good Halloween costume, and The Huffington Post is here to help. Who needs ghosts, witches and sexy kittens when the art world has some of the creepiest, strangest and hottest characters around?

Whether you're looking to scare your friends, be the sexiest one at the party or help our mission to never let the "Beast Jesus" meme die, we have the cultural costume for you! Check out the 10 best arts-inspired costume ideas of the year below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • Beast Jesus

    We express gratitude each and every day for the moment when octogenarian Cecelia Gimenez decided to take a fading fresco into her own hands and turn Ecce Homo into Beast Jesus! For this one, put a nude stocking over your head, don a Bob Ross-esque wig and draw on a face that screams "alien spider monkey."

  • Psy

    This unlikely South Korean rap sensation rose to internet royalty in what seems like a hot second. To capture his Gangnam style, go for a pastel hued tuxedo, a bow tie and your most opulent shades. Also, perfect your invisible pony dance (duh.)

  • Lana Del Rey

    This was the year to passionately love-hate this years most sexy-robot songbird. While last year Lana was all about the floral head wreaths and American flag gear, this year we're whipping out the half-pompadour and sixties-housewife frocks. Yet the poofy lips remain.

  • Yayoi Kusama

    The queen of the polka dot ruled NY this year with her Whitney retrospective and Louis Vuitton collaboration... Blah, blah, blah, like we need any additional reasons to put on a red wig and infinite polka dots. You'll need a UV-bright bob with matching lipstick, and a matchy-matchy outfit that will make those around you see spots.

  • Jeffrey Deitch

    Although Deitch managed to ruffle quite a few feathers with his directorial choices at MOCA this year, his fashion sense has remained on point despite the museum's downward spiral. To get Deitch's Hollywood-Intellectual look, try a pinstriped suit or a sophisticated color, like eggplant. Don't forget the tortoise rimmed circle glasses and maybe a James Franco BFF necklace to top it off.

  • Naked Ai Weiwei Fan

    Remember last November when Ai Weiwei fans supported his assertion that nudity was not pornography by tweeting nudie pics by the dozen? If you're looking for a slutty Halloween costume, or a cheap one, look no further. Grab a stuffed animal, a photo of Ai himself, anything will work really, and start knocking on strangers' doors asking for candy!

  • Terry Richardson

    The fashion photographer notorious for his raw, sexed up celeb portraits and raw, sexed up encounters with said celebs has become a favorite of everyone from Lady Gaga to <a href="">Angela Lansbury</a>. Become instantly recognizable as Uncle Terry with a flannel, some child molester hipster glasses and your two thumbs, way up.

  • The Screamer

    In May, Edvard Munch's bloodcurdling masterpiece sold for $120 million, making it the most expensive work of art to sell at auction ever. Lucky for us, a Scream mask is available <a href="">online</a> for only $7. (Although we do recommend painting impressionist-style on top of the mask so you don't look like you're about to murder Drew Barrymore.)

  • Cindy Sherman

    Cindy was pretty hot in 2012 with summer shows at both MOMA and SFMOMA. And she makes for a great Halloween costume because... you can really wear anything. We personally love the collagen lipped, Botox-crazed, hip mom look, for which you will need fake fur, a plunging neckline and some serious foundation.

  • Patti Smith

    Patti made the rounds this year with her 'Camera Solo' photo exhibition, capturing poetic moments from her everyday life. To honor this punk priestess you only really need one thing. (Or two, technically.)

  • Hennessy Youngman

    Not only is this hip-hop savvy, so-funny-he-makes-our-noses-run YouTube sensation the most entertaining art critic we know, he is also the best dressed. Like, where does he find so many muppet-inspired caps anyway? To dress like Youngman grab your cartoon hat, Coogie sweater and the baddest bling you can find.

  • Marina Abramovic

    The grandmother of performance art took care of business in 2012, debuting her documentary "The Artist is Present," holding a lecture for women only and hosting a crazy MOCA party where human heads were served for dinner. To channel your inner Abramovic you'll need a large, structured dress, a large, structured braid and your best Serbian accent. (Bringing around some tissues may help because she tends to have that effect on people.)

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