10/05/2012 10:50 am ET

Country Stars' Cheating Scandals: Jason Aldean's Far From The First To Stray

Cheating is no stranger to country music. Heck, Carrie Underwood’s anthem “Before He Cheats” had ex-girlfriends everywhere vigorously shaking their fingers, their necks and their booties.

So, when incriminating photos of country star Jason Aldean kissing former “American Idol” hopeful Brittany Kerr surfaced last week, the narrative that followed -- which included apologies to his fans, wife and two kids -- could have been the lyrics to one of the crooner's hits. But of course, Aldean's only the latest singer to prove that it's not only the subjects of country songs who have a roving eye.

For these country stars, it’s real-life infidelities that have taken center stage.

Country Cheating Scandals