Are darker days and cooler temperatures discouraging you from getting a good workout?

Stop right there! There are plenty of fall activities you're already doing (both chore-centric and fun-centric) that have health benefits -- maybe without you even noticing. Sure, you can hit the gym for a 30-minute treadmill or weight-lifting session, but you can also take advantage of all this season has to offer (apple picking, anyone?) -- and reap the calorie burn while you're at it.

Scroll through the slideshow below for nine fall activities you might find on your schedule, and how many calories you can burn by participating. Then, tell us in the comments section what other healthy plans you have for fall.

All calorie counts are estimates based on a 150-pound person, and will vary with intensity, body composition and weight.

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  • Walking Through A Corn Maze

    If you're all about fall, you might have a visit to a corn maze scheduled into one of your weekends. That's a good plan -- spend 55 minutes getting lost in the maze and you'll <a href="">burn about 200 calories</a>.

  • Raking Leaves

    Just 25 minutes of this yard work will <a href="">burn more than 100 calories</a>. Bag up the leaves and lug them away and you'll shed off even more.

  • Hiking

    What better way to take in the colorful scenery than with an autumn hike? You'll <a href="">burn a bit over 400 calories</a> for every hour you spend crunching leaves with your hiking boots.

  • Chopping Wood

    If you keep your home cozy by burning firewood, you could be doing your waistline a favor: just 25 minutes of splitting logs burns <a href="">nearly 150 calories</a>.

  • Trick-Or-Treating

    While this activity only happens once a year, it's worth mentioning how many calories you can burn if you do it right! (That is, if you're able to resist the temptation of <em>too</em> many bite-sized treats.) If you accompany the kids around the neighborhood for an hour and a half, you'll burn <a href="">roughly 330 calories.</a>

  • Pumpkin Picking

    Haven't you heard? Pumpkin picking is the new <a href="">kettlebells</a>! Enjoying the fresh air while walking with a 10-pound pumpkin for an hour will <a href="">burn around 270 calories</a>.

  • Getting Your Fall Wardrobe Ready

    For some of us, fall fashion is all it takes for us to get excited for the season. Spend an hour swapping out your flip flops for boots and your swim trunks for sweaters, and you'll <a href="">burn about 240 calories</a>.

  • Apple Picking

    Nothing says fall like picking apples at the orchard. The act of reaching up and plucking that juicy, delicious fruit, along with all the walking you'll be doing, burns <a href="">about 200 calories an hour</a>.

  • Laughing

    OK, so this isn't an exclusively-fall activity (not even a little) but laughing can burn calories -- <a href="">about 1 a minute</a> -- so we're putting it on our list. Go on, get corny and tell a <a href="">Halloween joke</a> or two.

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