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Luke Rosiak, 'Washington Times' Reporter, Thinks He Should Be Able To Speed, Calls D.C. Government Workers 'Useless, Rude, Entitled'

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WASHINGTON -- Camera-enabled automatic speed enforcement is one of the most debated local issues in the nation's capital. Critics charge it's an easy way to raise money for the District of Columbia government. Proponents say the cameras slow down traffic and save lives.

In a particularly lively Twitter exchange Thursday, Luke Rosiak, a projects reporter for The Washington Times, railed against speed cameras. In the process he made it known that he thinks government employees are "useless, rude and entitled" and that traffic fines benefit people who "sit at home on welfare."

It all got started when DCist editor Martin Austermuhle tweeted news about Ron Moten, a Republican running to unseat Democratic D.C. Councilmember Yvette Alexander in Ward 7, professing his dislike of speed cameras.

Martin Austermuhle
Ron Moten dislikes speed cameras, especially fines. Says they are hardship on regular citizens.

To which Rosiak responded:

Luke Rosiak
MAKE THIS MAN MAYOR RT : Ron Moten dislikes speed cameras, especially fines. Says they are hardship on regular citizens.

That started an epic Twitter debate, with Tom Bridge of We Love DC jumping in, which we've documented here ...

Martin Austermuhle
Really? I think hatin' on speed cameras doesn't take much backbone.

Luke Rosiak
I think it takes audacity to fine someone 0 for driving 40mph on New York Ave NE while blocks away, murders go unpunished

Tom Bridge
by that logic, why have any fines in DC?

Luke Rosiak
Vigilant enforcement of some violations coupled with anything-goes atmosphere elsewhere? I see ppl smoke blunts openly every day

Tom Bridge
so, until we can automate every enforcing action, we should automate none?

Luke Rosiak
I would legit consider moving out of DC bc of constant 0 fines I get while DC wastes money on useless, rude, entitled employees

Then Bridge pointed out the tried, true and easiest way to avoid a speeding ticket: not speeding.

Tom Bridge
have you thought about slowing down? I mean, c’mon now, it’s not like you can’t know where the cams are…

Luke Rosiak
Fines at that level don't make me even consider actually driving around at a speed that I could walk at. It just makes me outraged.

Later Rosiak mixed in some class warfare to the thread ...

Luke Rosiak
I'll slow down when the people using my 0 fines to sit at home on welfare get a job--and not at Metro or a gubmint job

Martin Austermuhle
Umm, those fines pay for everything from schools to road paving to trash pickup. Not sure why welfare is first thing you mention

Luke Rosiak
Because road paving is less rife with fraud+apathy (that could be trimmed to save $)+I see it less on a day to day basis

In news that is likely to irk Rosiak even more, Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier, during an interview on WTOP-FM on Thursday, said that photo enforcement for "blocking the box" at intersections will be going online "soon."

Cue the outrage ...

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