We've said it before and we'll say it again -- gender-specific food marketing is annoying. The Dr. Pepper for men campaign is totally obnoxious; don't get us started on Chick Beer.

But if there is any food that is natural to market just toward women, of course it going to be chocolate. There are countless article about why women love chocolate. However, there are also countless articles and accounts of women avoiding chocolate because they want to lose weight.

Crispello, Cadbury's newest chocolate bar, attempts to combine the two by offering a "light" chocolate bar targeted at women. One could see why marketers thought they had a hit on their hands. We can almost imagine what was going through their head. ("Women love chocolate but hate calories! What if we can give them a chocolate low-calorie bar that's just for them! It's genius!") The bar debut will be backed by a multi-million dollar ad campaign, so Cadbury must think it is on to something despite the collective groan from the media.

Crispello is Cadbury's first new chocolate bar since the 1990s and is a mix of wafer and chocolate.

There may be a little Bridget Jones in a lot of women, but when a company decides to take advantage of that, it just feels a little icky.

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