WASHINGTON -- The Capitol Skyline Hotel will look different over the next three days. The (e)merge art fair has brought in 152 artists and 80 galleries to set up installations, paintings, sculpture and site-specific works that transform the hotel in an art gallery for up-and-coming artists.

The multi-day event uses the garage, lobby and second floors and transformed them into unique spaces. Visitors to the hotel and the art fair are greeted by Alex Podesta self-portrait sculptures of the artist as bunnies playing chess. Podesta's work pops up again in the gym and in the lobby to the parking garage.

The lower level of the hotel features works of students and graduates from the Corcoran College of Art and Design, the District Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Maryland Institute College of the Arts and larger installations from local artists DECOY, Thomas Canavan and more.

The ground level runs the gamut of styles and settings. The cocktail lounge features video installations and mixed-media sculpture. The restaurant has small, entrancing smart tablet art from Michael Mansfield and paintings from Lillian Bayley Hoover. Larger conference rooms feature two of the largest and best pieces of the fair, a 20-foot ferris wheel by Mihaela Savu and a video/live performance piece by Joyce Yu-Jean Lee.

The second floor features 25 galleries from around the world taking over 34 hotel rooms. Smaller pieces dominiate the smaller spaces. Highlights include Chicago artist Cheryl Pope's ceramic tops and three-tier spinning structures in the Contemporary Wing's room and Kansas City artist Marie Bower's cast bronze and silver pieces in Goya Contemporary's suite. Local gallery Transformer is also worth checking out. Their prices range from the lowest to the average, $25 to $500 for a print, and feature a wide array of styles.

The (e)merge art fair continues through Sunday. Tickets for the event are $15, $10 for seniors and students with a valid ID.

Click on the slideshow below to view an extensive slideshow featuring a sample of each room of (e)merge.

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  • Alex Podesta

    Self Portrait as Bunnies

  • emerge

  • Claire Shegog

    Busby’s Chandelier

  • Marie Bower

    The Gossips

  • Elisabeth Wedenig

    What Comes Around Goes Around

  • Romas Astrauskas


  • Heather Ravenscroft

    Birthday June 4

  • Micky Hoogendijk

    My ode to Damien

  • Christophe Von Hohenberg

    The Day the Factory Died- Debra Harry & Steve Sprouse

  • Cheryl Pope

    The Games We Play

  • R. Luke DuBois

    Hindsight is Always 20/20

  • Clinton Bowman

    HEAVEN: The Baptism (Annunciation)

  • Patrick McDonough


  • Ian McDermott

    Abbott and Costello

  • Lillian Bayley Hoover


  • Conor Backman

    A Home Gallery Doesn’t Need to Be Big, Just Somart

  • Aimé Mpane

    12xKinoct XXI

  • Andrea Tese


  • Omar Velazquez


  • Freespace Collective

    Virtual/Actual: Southwest DC

  • Farah Ahmed

    Worlds Apart

  • Blink Video Art

  • David B. Smith

    Razzle Dazzle

  • Yerin Kim

    Pool Side

  • Melissa Ichiuji

    The Mourners

  • Melissa Ichiuji

    The Mourners

  • Melissa Ichiuji

    The Mourners

  • Becky Slemmons


  • Becky Slemmons


  • Prune Nourry

  • Mihaela Savu

    The Rainbow Wheel

  • Leigh Davis

    Secular Columbarium for The Island

  • Daniel Simmons

    My Death Pavilion

  • Joyce Yu-Jean Lee

    Made in China

  • Magnolia Laurie

    Adaptable Objects

  • Jennifer Small

    A Day in the Life: Paintings and Prints

  • Nara Park


  • Jonathan Latiano and Ali Miller

    The Relationship

  • Alex Podesta

    Self Portrait as Bunnies

  • Alex Podesta

    Self Portrait as Bunnies

  • Mina Cheon


  • Michel Modell

    Candida Albicans

  • Adam Void

    McPherson Citation


    Momento Mori

  • Ryan Carr Johnson and Samuel Scharf

    Kill or be Killed

  • Ryan Carr Johnson and Samuel Scharf

    Kill or be Killed

  • Ryan Carr Johnson and Samuel Scharf

    Kill or be Killed

  • Andrew Schrock

    Large-Hadron-Colossus and the White Snake

  • Andrew Schrock

    Large-Hadron-Colossus and the White Snake

  • Steve Zolin

    Unstraightness 2.0

  • Andrea Tese


CORRECTION: This article incorrectly reported that Leigh Davis, not Mihaela Savu, is the artist whose 20-foot ferris wheel is on display.