10/05/2012 05:12 pm ET Updated Oct 05, 2012

James Holmes Halloween Mask Was Briefly For Sale On Ebay Removed From Site

A rubber mask portraying the likeness of suspected Aurora theater gunman James Holmes was briefly available for purchase on eBay for $500.

The seller claimed that he had won the mask while "playing a high stakes poker tournament" in Europe, and appeared to be marketing it for Halloween. The mask depicted Holmes' face, the way it appeared in his first mugshot with orange hair and no expression.

By noon on Friday however, eBay appeared to have removed the mask offered by user "realface13."

“The listing was removed because it did not comply with our Offensive Materials policy. Out of respect for victims of violent crimes, eBay does not allow listings that attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering,” eBay told ABC News. "Out of respect for victims of violent crimes, eBay does not allow listings that attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering."

The seller had advertised the mask with this lead-in:

Halloween is only a month away. SHOCK EVERYONE YOU KNOW! He was referred to as "The Joker", "The Dark Knight Shooter," "The Ilama," "The Extraordinary Gifted" but his real name is JAMES HOLMES! There is nothing more scary than crawling into James Holmes mind and wearing his face. His "soul penetrating eyes" and "The Joker" orange hair makes this mask the most disturbing object you will ever own. Imagine owning the mask of supposedly the most dangerous mass murderer in US history. This is a high quality latex rubber mask which was custom designed for a private collector overseas. I won this mask playing high stakes poker tournament when I was in Europe. I guaranty you that this is the only mask in the world and it is practically priceless because it was used in the production of the most controversy documentary which will come out in 2013. This mask is sold as is and there are no returns. If you have 0 feedback and you are interested to bid on this item you have to contact me first. I will ship the mask immediately after I receive the payment. Good luck!

Holmes, 24, is being charged with killing 12 people and wounding 58 others at the July 20th midnight premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises."

Photos From The Aurora Theater Shooting
Photos From The Aurora Theater Shooting