MItt Romney and Paul Ryan held a large rally on Thursday evening in Fishersville, Va. At the rally, the National Rifle Association endorsed the ticket. Ryan took the opportunity to show off his camouflage iPhone case, a case he's known to talk about:

paul ryan iphone
(Photo credit: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images)

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  • Liselotte Stredel

    #RyanPhotoCaptions "Let me instagram that"

  • Dulach Glynn

    Ryan: I've got my iPhone now, nothing can possibly go wrong. #RyanPhotoCaptions

  • Valley Bob

    "Damn I'm an awesome singer, one more thing I'm great at..wait..whats 'I Am T-Pain"??" #RyanPhotoCaptions

  • Carlos Lomba Jr

    #RyanPhotoCaptions wonder if the taxpayers know they footed the bill for this iphone

  • Sheldon Higdon

    It says 'Outlook Not So Good'. Hang on, let me shake it again. #ryanphotocaptions

  • Ryan Hurst

    @HuffingtonPost Paul Ryan checks Apple Maps after accidentally walking on stage at #Obama2012 Rally. #RyanPhotoCaptions


    @HuffingtonPost It's Prez Obama again, he has another comeback joke. Something about Big Bird..again." #RyanPhotoCaptions

  • Edward Meyer #RyanPhotoCaptions damn now even siri wont believe my bulls**t.

  • duncan

    @HuffingtonPost "Well look at that, the Romney VP app DOES work after all!" #RyanPhotoCaptions

  • Matthew Russell

    @HuffPostPol #RyanPhotoCaptions "Ahhhhh so there's the calculator; they were right 1 + 1 does =2; Mit we should take a look at our budget"

  • James Robert

    @HuffingtonPost "I built this!" #RyanPhotoCaptions

  • Sheppard

    @HuffPostPol #RyanPhotoCaptions I can't see my lies on my internet...what are you talking about?

  • Chris Ewing

    @HuffPostPol If you hold it just right, you can see the passage of Venus... while sitting cozy in my camo hut #RyanPhotoCaptions

  • SecOfExplaingStuff

    "My camouflage cover is so redneck chic! 9th graders must have fall accessory"~#RyanPhotoCaptions @HuffPostPol:

  • Tiara Washington

    Don't hate, my phone case and phone were both made in China. Cheaper labor! #RyanPhotoCaptions

  • Bad Guy Zero

    @HuffPostPol #RyanPhotoCaptions "Pardon me for a moment. I'm shopping for a necktie."

  • Rachel K

    "I should have never given Big Bird my number...!" #RyanPhotoCaptions “@HuffPostPol: Paul Ryan waves around his iPhone”

  • Nicole Suzanne

    @HuffPostPol "...annnnd we just dropped another percent in the polls..." #RyanPhotoCaptions

  • Toyin Kolawole

    @HuffPostPol #RyanPhotoCaptions '7.8%? what the f*&#k!

  • Mike Johnson

    @HuffPostPol #RyanPHotoCaptions uhh #Mitt changed his position again. He's worse than a yo-yo. This mic isn't on is it?

  • Zuli Rosario

    E.T. is that you calling? #RyanPhotoCaptions

  • Kevin Matthews

    "Take this iPhone. How does it work? I have no idea. But I get to pick which #science I believe in." #RyanPhotoCaptions

  • James Flanagan

    #RyanPhotoCaptions "Now this is what a real Jobs program looks like"

  • Romney's Smirk

    "Look at this shot I took of Mitt. Between my abs and his smirk, we've got this thing in the bag." #RyanPhotoCaptions

  • news-aholic

    @HuffPostPol look, it tells time. can i take off my cheap middle class watch and put my rolex back on? #RyanPhotoCaptions

  • Cher Duncombe

    #RyanPhotoCaptions "I had to take a photo of myself looking so Presidential. Yes, four more years if that putz Romney doesn't ruin me."

  • Dahlia Lawrence

    @HuffPostPol #RyanPhotoCaptions I'm too sexy!

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