By Michael Lopez


Despite rumors to the contrary, Sábado Gigante is alive and well. And 50 years in, Don Francisco is ready to bring it to the states. According to the legendary host, Sabado may be getting an English-language makeover in the very near future.

“We are looking into the possibility re-creating the program in English,” Francisco said at a recent New York event. “We are in talks with a producer.”

Don may very well be on to something. In between the heavy dramas and oversaturated sitcoms, one thing American primetime is lacking is a good variety show. And with its dancing girls, colorful games and big prizes, Sábado could provide a very different alternative to Saturday nights.

Francisco certainly seems excited about the idea and he promised his Spanish-speaking fans tons of updates too. According to El Don, Sábado will now have new games and special segments devoted to young couples.

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