Cats and dogs do a pretty good job of looking drunk all on their own. Whether they're conking out in a bizarre location or just making one of those faces, it's hard not to interpret their behavior as quite lushy. Of course, we humans can't resist posing them next to liquor bottles either, because, hey, party animals, right?

With that in mind, here's one of those nights, reenacted by some pets who look pretty sloshed.

Note: no animals were actually intoxicated during the making of this slideshow. Please do not actually feed your pets booze, you monsters.

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  • Contemplating

    Should I drink tonight?

  • Starting It Out Fancy

    "Maybe I'll just drink a little."

  • Getting The Night Started

    "Do not even think about touching my Smirnoff."

  • Starting To Get Tipsy

    "Oh wow, that hit me fast."

  • Loving Life!

    "This is living."

  • Beer Is Bitter

    "Ugh, you gotta do what you gotta do."

  • Just A Sip

    "I'm saving some for later."

  • Let's Get Crazy

    "I can do anything."

  • So Happy

    "I seriously love all of you guys."

  • Feeling Silly

    "Look at my faces."

  • OhMyGod

    "Let's go crazy guys!"

  • Look At This Tennis Ball

    "Guys, seriously. Look at this tennis ball."

  • I'm So Pumped

    "Life is great!"

  • What Is This?

    "Seriously, what is this? I love it."

  • Is The Room Spinning

    "Guys seriously, is this room spinning?"

  • Just Kidding, Rallying

    "Shots shots shots!"

  • Feeling Good

    "So everything is working out now."

  • Just Kidding

    I can't make it through.

  • I'm Done

    "I can't do it anymore guys."

  • Tired Cat

    "Seriously, go on without me!"

  • I Can't Do It

    "Why did you let me take eight shots? Why? Why?"

  • I Have To Get Some Stuff Done

    "Guys, just go on without me. Seriously. I'm gonna send some thank-you cards. Don't even worry about me."

  • More Alcohol

    "No I couldn't have any more. No."

  • Hoarding The Booze

    "Ok, just a little more."

  • Don't Help Me

    "Don't Help, I can lift the bottle by myself."

  • Keep Going

    "Where'd my bottle go?"

  • The Party Don't Stop

    "Happy New Year!... Don't even talk to me."

  • Life Is Rough

    "I should call her right? I should just call her!"

  • This Is Gonna Hurt Me

    "This will hurt me more than it hurts you."

  • Oh No!

    "Why? WHY?????"

  • Done!

    "I"m just done. I can't make it up the stairs."

  • Cigarette Too

    "Just like one smoke. It's ok, I'm drunk. Don't stop me."

  • In The Streets

    "This is getting embarrassing."

  • Evidence

    "I'll do what I want."

  • Stretch

    "No, I can't make it to my bed."

  • Peaceful

    "If I close my eyes my head doesn't spin as much."

  • Open Mouth

    "No, you shut up."

  • Tired Dog

    "Oh man guys, let's never do that again."

  • We're Done

    "So when's the party tomorrow?"

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