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James Murphy Addresses Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs Producing Rumors

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In recent weeks, rumors have surfaced that former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy will be producing albums for both the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Arcade Fire.

Fortunately or unfortunately, those rumors are not true.

In an interview with HuffPost Entertainment, Murphy -- who is promoting his involvement in Canon's Project Imaginat10n -- said he is definitely not producing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' album, and is "not necessarily" producing Arcade Fire's next disc.

After a video emerged of Murphy and Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner playing around in the studio, a number of sites speculated that, in the words of Fuse's Araceli Cruz, "a new YYY's album is in the works produced by the master himself."

But Murphy says the studio visit is as far as things went. "I just did a little fun stuff," Murphy said. "Nothing really big; I don't have time and they don't have time. I think they're done with their record now, I was just fussing around. I didn't make their album. They're just friends."

It's a similar story with the Arcade Fire project. The Canadian group backed Murphy at the final LCD Soundsystem concert -- the subject of the documentary "Shut Up and Play the Hits" -- and the two groups have toured together in the past. So when Murphy recently evaded answering a question about the new Arcade Fire record, much of the Internet was quick to assume, or hope, that he was involved.

"That's not necessarily true," Murphy told HuffPost. "We don't work like that. Because I work with friends, if I have time and they're doing something and I'm on the East Coast, then we can do something. But also they don't need a producer, in a way. They produce themselves. When I was making my record, any number of people came and spent a couple weeks or a week hanging out and being involved in the process."

HuffPost's full interview with Murphy -- in which the musician discusses his career as a DJ, why he has to keep working, and his approach to directing a film -- will publish in early December.

This concludes another session of James Murphy's Friends Are Very Talented.

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