Hell hath no fury like a vengeful digital personal assistant application.

A new parody video from YouTube sketch comedy outfit MATTHIAS imagines what would happen if Siri, the colorful assistant that debuted with the iPhone 4S, could really make decisions based on his or her smartphone history. After a recent update, Siri can now "learn" about the user -- using contacts and call history to better understand requests and adapting to dialect or accent, according to the Apple website -- but nothing to the extent depicted in the video.

You can watch MATTHIAS' humorous video (which also includes a dig or two at the iPhone 5) below:

Siri is quite the budding comedy star, as we've seen in the year since she was introduced by Tim Cook. Siri has delivered some insightful film reviews; she's held a grudge against that incorrigible Zooey Deschanel; and lately she's co-starred in a well-made spoof with rising Democratic star mayor and alpha twin Julián Castro of San Antonio.

On the technological side, Apple recently updated Siri with new capabilities, including the ability to look up sports scores and make restaurant recommendations.

For many pranksters, though, Siri's most vital function remains the same: Saying funny stuff.

Siri, how does a three-picture deal worth $20 million sound?

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