Yeah, we know. But it still made us laugh out loud. This is an older photo which seems to have originated on Reddit, but it's making the rounds again today.

Get it?


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  • "I Came Home Late From Work To Find Another Man In My Bed..."

    We see that Pocahantas has been busy.

  • "Came Home To Find My Kittens Like This"

    These kittens are just practicing poses for their album cover.

  • "I Went Out Of Town This Week And Came Home To 987 Of These In My Bedroom"

    Finally: a ball pit for adults that doesn't smell like little kid feet.

  • "Came Home To This"

    Either this person owns the cutest animal duo of all time or just spent 20 minutes shoving them into a box.

  • "I Came Home From School One Day..."

    We kind of don't want to know.

  • "So I Came Home While Being Robbed"

    Looks like they were after the TV, the X-Box games and... Is that just a jar of loose change?

  • "Came Home To This"

    "I just wanted to make you a smoothie!"

  • "Came Home & Found My Light Bulb Burnt Out Like This"

    Now it's just a statement piece.

  • "Came Home From Work And Crashed The Kitten Party"

    Ain't no party like a kitten party.

  • "Came Home And Found My Roommate Like This... O_o"

    Saving the world can be exhausting.

  • "Came Home To This"

    Aww, they've mastered the triple spoon.

  • "Came Home From The City To Find That My Little Green Car Had Made An Accidental Carpark Rainbow"

    Accidental art is the best art.

  • "Came Home To Find Him Like This. God Knows How Long He's Been Stuck In There!"

    "I can't figure out how to work this crazy shower."

  • "Came Home From School, And Mom Had Cleaned My Room, And... This... WTF?"

    Moms be crazy.

  • "This Is What I Came Home To Today"

    Baffling surprise or really dangerous photo op?

  • "This Is How I Found Her When I Came Home"

    When you can't find a blanket, sometimes you have to improvise.

  • "I Came Home To Find That My Mom Had Gone Into A Christmas Decorating Frenzy. Nothing Had Escape Unscathed, Not Even..."

    Happy holidays?

  • "Went Away For A Week, No One Had Keys To My House, When I Came Home"

    We don't know whether to be amused or scared.

  • "Came Home To Find These Two Spooning In My Bed"

    We don't even want to know if this was staged because it's just too cute.

  • "Came Home From Work To Find This. There Were No Survivors."

    Caught in the act (with laser eyes no less)

  • "So I Came Home To This Smug Bastard"

    Did someone strike oil?

  • "My Neighbor Is Getting Divorced. He Works In Construction. Last Night He Went Out To The Bar. And This Is What I Just Came Home To"

    Sometimes there's nothing like a fresh start.

  • "My Boxer Isn't Normally Allowed In My Bed. I Came Home To This."

    How can you deny that face?

  • "So We Came Home To This Last Night"

    This is a reminder to never leave the dog treat bin in too low of a location.

  • "Friend Came Home To This. Guess He Got Bored."

    Look, homemade doggie doors don't just make themselves.

  • "In Winter We Leave A Heat Lamp On For Our Cats. This Is What I Came Home To."

    Comfort is key.

  • "Made My Roommate Get Borderlands. Came Home To This."

    You MIGHT want to get a new roommate.

  • "Came Home To This Today [Cat]"

    He's channeling his inner <a href="">Mckayla Maroney</a>.

  • "Came Home And Saw This Scooting Across My Bedroom Floor"

    Cats be crazy.

  • "Came Home At 3am To My Roommates Art Project, Almost Sh*t My Pants"


  • "Came Home From A Twelve Hour Shift On My Birthday, This Was My Living Room :)"

    Nice attention to detail, "The Office" lover.

  • "Came Home After Being Gone For A Few Days To Find This Little Guy In My Sink"

    Well at least it'll get enough water.

  • "Came Home And Found My Drunk Brother"

    We have a feeling the cat had something to do with this.

  • "Came Home To This"

    Look, it's been a long day.

  • "Came Home To Find This"

    He doesn't look guilty at all.

  • "Came Home To This"

    "I'm so happy you're back!"

  • "I Came Home To This"

    Fruit of the DOOM?

  • "So I Came Home To My House Today To See This Upstairs... I Live Alone"

    Someone is really confused about how to "TP" a house.

  • "I Came Home From A Hellish Shift Last Night To Discover That My Roommate Is An A**hole"

    Yep, we'd say that's a pretty a**hole thing to do.

  • "Came Home Last Night To See This On The Wall Next To My Apartment... Should I Be Worried? "

    Is your neighbor Wes Craven?

  • "Parents Just Came Home From A Concert Drunk As F**k... Check Out My Dad's Parking"

    Drunk driving is never funny. But still...

  • "Came Home And Found Him Like This"

    This cat is clearly dreaming of <a href="">Very Mary-Kate</a>.

  • "So I Came Home From College To A Surprise Remodel"

    At least the surprise construction wasn't in your own bedroom.

  • "Wife Came Home To This"

    At least you only have to make this mistake once.

  • "I Came Home To Find Her Sleeping Like This..."

    Cats have perfected the art of <a href="">sleeping in odd places</a>.

  • "Came Home Early And Found My Girlfriend Playing Borderlands 2 Like This"

    This could be a gamer's fantasy wedding night.

  • "Dear Reddit, I Came Home To This"

    "Why do you do these things to me?"

  • "Came Home To This Display... My Girlfriend Is Weird"

    A woman with great taste in candles AND a sense of humor? Lock it down.

  • "My Wife Never Liked Reddit, Until She Saw A Link She Loved. Came Home To This Last Night."

    Cool wife, bro.