All women would love to have glowing skin and shiny, healthy hair. Luckily, celebrity fitness trainer and lifestyle expert Terri Walsh has a secret formula, which she shared with me on Mondays With Marlo. Terri suggests taking a teaspoon of extra virgin olive or coconut oil mixed with fresh lemon juice every night before bed. It’s a terrific way of making your skin and hair look radiant, while promoting digestion.

For more tips on getting fit and staying in shape, see Terri Walsh's Tips For Fitness And Beauty:

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  • Glamorous Glow

    Got five minutes before stepping out? Jog in place for five minutes. Your increased heart rate will give your face and skin a beautiful, healthy glow while providing a mini cardio workout and energy boost.

  • Instant Tummy De-Bloater

    Ditch starchy carbs three days before going to a special occasion. You’ll have a flatter stomach and won't look or feel bloated for your big night out.

  • Skintastic

    Take a teaspoon of extra virgin olive or coconut oil mixed with fresh lemon juice every night before bed. It’s a terrific way of making your skin and hair look radiant while promoting digestion.

  • Sleep Your Way Thin

    Did you know that being sleep deprived can make you pack on the pounds? Your body needs rest to be able to function correctly. Get a minimum of six hours a night, but aim for eight.

  • Stretching Burns Calories (When Done Correctly)

    Make sure you dedicate a "workout day" to your flexibility. Maintaining your mobility takes a lot more than a five-minute post-workout stretch. Aim to improve your flexibility, not just maintain what exists.

  • Walk Taller

    Pay attention to your body's posture and alignment (feet, navel, ribs and shoulders) when walking can help you lengthen your spine and burn extra calories just walking around.

  • Sweet Makes You Sassy

    Raw, organic and unprocessed honey is packed with beneficial nutrients and enzymes that are missing from pasteurized honey. Take one teaspoon a day to set your metabolism up to work its best.

  • Meal Exchange Program

    Here’s a fat burning secret -- treat breakfast like lunch, treat lunch like dinner and treat dinner like breakfast. Eating your smallest meal at night means you'll burn off your largest meals when you are most active.

  • Protein Powder

    Protein is the building block of muscle! Muscle is what burns fat. Replenish your protein daily. Women should aim for a minimum of 30g of protein if they work out regularly.

  • Weight Gain

    Women shouldn't be afraid of lifting weights. Using weights doesn't make you look bulky. On the contrary nothing makes a woman look younger than toned, strong muscle that you can only achieve by using weights.

  • Be Versatile

    Don’t stick to a routine. When it comes to movement and working out, learn as many things as possible. The more you learn and try different things, the better your results, the more you'll understand your body and how it moves, and the more fun you’ll have staying fit and fabulous.

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