10/09/2012 05:38 pm ET | Updated Oct 10, 2012

Greece Protest Photos: Naked Protesters, Swastikas And Hitler Homages Mark Merkel's Visit

Greek protesters gave Angela Merkel an ice cold welcome in Athens on Tuesday, and some demonstrators went pretty far to express their discontent with the German chancellor's visit.

Protesters dressed as German World War II soldiers with Nazi swastika armbands and carried banners saying "Merkel out, undesirable." One demonstrator even made international headlines while running naked through the capital's streets, flashing a victory sign. Too much?

Reuters explains that many Greeks hold Germany responsible for the austerity policies that Europe forced on the country in exchange for international bailouts. "Merkel should go home. Why is she here? She's hurt us enough," Mina Botsi, an unemployed mother of two, told the news service. "The only thing she wants is more and more austerity. We can't take it anymore."

Check out the eyebrow-raising scenes in the slideshow below.

Greece's NSFW Protest Photos