Jon Stewart Calls Out Conservative Attacks On Sesame Street (VIDEO)

10/09/2012 09:41 am ET

With all the hoopla over "Sesame Street" lately, you'd think it made up a large chunk of the national budget. You'd at least think it took in more money than oil subsidies. Apparently, Lou Dobbs would think that as well.

But it's not the money that really matters here, it's the message. "Sesame Street" has been indoctrinating young Americans to its socialist agenda for years. And if there's one thing Fox News won't stand for, it's brainwashing the populace.

Check out part one of Jon Stewart's take down of conservative messaging on "Sesame Street" above and part two below where puppet versions of Jon, Wyatt Cenac & John Oliver come up with ways to make the show more palatable to the right.

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