What's better: dating Kate Upton, a model known for her killer curves and Sports Illustrated cover, or hurling a killer fastball?

Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander doesn't have to choose.

Rumors have circulated about the Michigan-made duo dating since July (and the 2011 MVP has been known for his pitching for a little longer). There have been no official confirmations since, but numerous sightings of the couple and a coy hint from Upton's uncle, who said he was rooting for Verlander for "family reasons," seem to point in one direction..

While the non-baseball fans (just kidding, it's October, there's no such thing) may believe Upton got the weak end of the deal, Detroiters and Tigers fans on Twitter don't seem to know whether to be envious of Verlander's supposed girlfriend or thankful for his pitching prowess. Or both?

And it's a bit of a turn from earlier in the season, when Verlander had a rocky period on the mound. Then, fans took to Twitter to express disappointment with Verlander, urging him to dump Upton and focus on the game, as well as give up his Taco Bell ritual. Now that the Tigers are in the playoffs, however, more Tweeters are wondering what they could do to emulate the star pitcher.

Below, see what fans on Twitter think of Upton's effect on Verlander's game -- and where they've spotted the good-looking couple.

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  • World-class pitchers, take note.

  • Not everyone's pleased with Verlander (we're looking at you, A's fans).

  • Who would you rather look at?

  • If only..

  • You know what they say: the pants make the pitcher.

  • World Series.

  • Coffee routine

  • Congressman Fred Upton might have let the cat out of the bag.

  • Tough call.

  • Spotted!

  • But back in the regular season.. Verlander had two weaknesses.

  • He's since got his game back.

  • Good point.

  • Yes, because if she's available..

  • Harsh.

  • Model and.. witch?

  • First spells, now devils?