Halloween 2012 Costume Ideas From Our Staff, From A Murderous 'Annie' To The Most-Surprising Richard Simmons Ever (PHOTOS)

10/10/2012 09:41 pm ET

With Halloween on the horizon, pumpkins are popping up in every corner store. People are starting to decorate their homes, and there's been alot of chatter about costume ideas. We decided to reach out to the staff here at The Huffington Post to see what people have dressed up as in the past to get some inspiration (and a few laughs). The ideas were pretty original (one staffer's take on "Annie" will surprise you), but the overarching theme is DIY. For the most part, our staffers put together inventive costumes with little budget and even less time.

Whether you're lacking inspiration or just in the mood for a laugh, check out our staffers as they add spooky to their style for some seriously killer Halloween costumes.

Our Best Halloween Costumes Ever

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