10/10/2012 11:13 am ET

Jungle Island Welcomes Oliver The White-Faced Capuchin Monkey To Zoo Family (PHOTOS)

Jungle Island recently announced the addition of a member to the zoo family: baby Oliver, a white-faced capuchin monkey!

Oliver was born at Jungle Island a month ago, spending his first few weeks of life under the watchful eye of zoo staff. He will be introduced to the public soon.

Capuchin monkeys are native to Latin America and are never too far away from friends and family, keeping in groups of up to 30 monkeys, according to the Rain Forest Alliance. The monkeys are quick learners and have been known to help quadriplegics. They're also a common sight in street entertainment.

For now, baby Oliver is going to stay put at the zoo with his family. Welcome, little guy!

Meet Oliver!