Vanity license plate lovers can get pretty creative when it comes to getting around the seven-character limit, but it doesn't always work out as well as you might think.

Take this "Nicest Mom" plate, for example. We guess no one told her that she kind of needs an "I" after the "N" in order to not freak out everyone in the parking lot.

We're really hoping this wasn't a gift for Mother's Day.

Via Reddit

nicest mom vanity plate

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  • Rub One Out

    Well, we appreciate the suggestion but it's a little hard to do that while driving. <a href="">(source)</a>


    What's worse: sharing your obscene fetish with every motorist on the road, or simultaneously asking them to "Share the Olympic Victory"? <a href="">(source)</a>

  • A** Orgy?

    Creative use of the orange as an "O" but it's still completely disturbing. Since it's a Lincoln in Florida, it must be due to someone's dirty grandparent or a prankster DMV employee. <a href="">(source)</a>

  • Up Ours?

    This person's anger is REALLY misdirected. <a href="">(source)</a>

  • Drunky

    At least he or she is letting the other drivers know! How many inebriation tests does this person get pulled over for in a day? <a href="">(source)</a>

  • Viagra

    With a car like that? Most people already know, dude. <a href="">(source)</a>

  • Are You 18 Yet?

    Ew. Just... Ew. <a href="">(source</a>

  • Vaginas

    Clever use of the University's logo, but seriously? You want to go around saying "Yeah, I'm the 'Vaginas' guy"? <a href="">(source)</a>

  • PMS 24/7

    Yikes! That's a lot of PMS, and a whole lot of TMI. <a href="">(source)</a>

  • Old Pedophile?

    So is this the license plate version of those "Meagan's Law" signs? <a href="">(source)</a>

  • Ms. Poo

    Winnie's unmarried cousin? An odd fetish? Either way it's silly. <a href="">(source)</a>

  • Baby Shaker

    Conflicting messages here... Childhood shouldn't hurt but this person seems intent on making it so. <a href="">(source)</a>

  • Loves Many Kids

    It's a bit sinister to drive a minivan with tinted windows and declare your love for not just your own, but MANY kids. <a href="">(source)</a>

  • N**** Please

    This kid is going to be saying "plz" a lot after he puts this vanity plate on. Specifically, "Plz stop rear-ending my car." <a href="">(source)</a>

  • 1980 Trans Am Chick-Magnet

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="/images/profile/user_placeholder.gif" /></a><a href="">MrTrailSafety</a>:<br />For several months in 1980 I photographed interesting personalized plates. This image is featured in my book "LA1980: a photo memoir" visible at

  • Freaky

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">Adam Gangelhoff</a>:<br />Some people share this information only with their lovers, some people share it with the world.

  • Wow

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">Christian A Robinson</a>:<br />I'll bet her neighbors are friendly

  • Maybe his initials are really BJ, but I doubt it.

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="/images/profile/user_placeholder.gif" /></a><a href="">Dean Curtis</a>:<br />Is he offering, or requesting?

  • On a Ferrari!

    <a href=""></a><a href="">uogambler</a>:<br />

  • How Vain Can You Get?

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">Hank Butler</a>:<br />The squad spotted this vanity plate at a recent car show in Rosemont, IL. You think this guy put the "V" in vanity? Sure he has a cool ride and the bling to have put it all together but what do you think that plate says about the whole package. The captain gives this owner a good pass for the effective use of letters but if we were handing out citations for, "how vain can a person be", this owner would clear the budget deficit!