Unfortunately for fans of hard cider, bars around the country don't generally carry a good variety of ciders. This leaves us fending for ourselves at the store when it's time to invest in a six-pack, which wouldn't necessarily be such a bad thing if all ciders were created equal. But trust us, they're not.

Our editors conducted a blind taste test of 14 brands of hard cider, ranking them in order from best to worst (and we also took note of prices for you). The best were described as sweet, complex and bubbly, while the worst ranged from "apple cider vinegar" to "like cigar smoke." Check out our slideshow below to find out how they ranked.

As always, this taste test was in no way sponsored or influenced by the products involved.

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  • #1: Crispin "The Saint": Belgian Trappist Yeast and Maple Syrup

    <strong>$10/22-oz. bottle</strong> <b>Comments:</b> "Beer-like, and I love the subtle maple flavor." "Intense fruitiness, no detectable alcohol taste." "Tastes like a Belgian beer with a slight apple taste." "I love the bubbles! Nicely sweet, a little bitter."

  • #2: Woodpecker

    <strong>$1.50/12-oz. bottle</strong> <b>Comments:</b> "Standard." "Light and easy. I would bring this on a picnic." "Good, solid cider." "This is pretty much what I want in an everyday drinking cider."

  • #3: J.K's Scrumpy

    <strong>$7/22-oz. bottle</strong> <b>Comments:</b> "So complex and deep-flavored." "So interesting. Should be sickeningly sweet but really nice and complex." "This is a more complicated cider, but it's too sweet." "Pretty apple-y, a little sweet, but pleasant."

  • #4: Woodchuck Amber

    <strong>$2/12-oz. bottle</strong> <b>Comments:</b> "There's a slight hint of bitterness to differentiate this from juice, but it's still drinkable and delicious." "Started weird, then got quite pleasant." "Tastes like you'd expect cider to taste." "Nicely balanced, very apple-y."

  • #5: Woodchuck Summer

    <strong>$2/12-oz. bottle</strong> <b>Comments:</b> "Wow this is SO GOOD. Sweet and almost peachy." "Very sweet and floral, like spumone." "Super sweet and pear-like." "Sweeter than most ciders. Delightfully fruity. Is this mixed with other fruit?" "Way too sweet. Kind of beery?"

  • #6: Angry Orchard

    <strong>$2/12-oz. bottle</strong> <b>Comments:</b> "Juicy, sweet and tart." "Sweet, thick and honey-like." "Nice and dark, feels like a beer -- in a good way." "Tastes like you're biting into a crisp, tart apple." "Kind of tastes like fake apple. Not in love."

  • #7: Samuel Smith's

    <strong>$10/22-oz. bottle</strong> <b>Comments:</b> "Not super apple-y but not too vinegary either (which is a good thing)." "Nicely balanced and complex." "Thin but fine." "Very, very mild flavor. Why??" "I love this one. This tastes like fall and happiness."

  • #8: Newtown Pippin

    <strong>$10/22-oz. bottle</strong> <b>Comments:</b> "Perfectly neutral and Champagne-like." "Strangely bland, like a bad pinot grigio." "Almost astringent, would be great in a cocktail." "It almost tastes like Champagne." "Oddly tart. Eh."

  • #9: Harpoon

    <strong>$2/12-oz. bottle</strong> <b>Comments:</b> "Too tart!" "Smells sweet, tastes extremely sour, like bottled lime juice." "A tinge of apple." "Has this gone sour?" "Love the tartness! A little bitter though."

  • #10: Julian

    <strong>$13/22-oz. bottle</strong> <b>Comments:</b> "Is this bubbly vinegar? It basically tastes like apple cider vinegar, it is too fermented." "Unpleasant smoky taste, like cigar smoke." "Tart." "It's just not that pleasant." "NO NO NO I HATE YOU."

  • #11: Doc's Draft

    <strong>$10/22-oz. bottle</strong> <b>Comments:</b> "NO. This tastes like poison and plastic." "This smells horrible but the tastes isn't too bad." "Is this piss water?" "REALLY vinegary smell. This is almost kambucha."

  • #13: Crispin "Lansdown": Irish Stout and Molasses

    <strong>$10/22-oz. bottle</strong> <b>Comments:</b> "Yuck! I do not want to drink molasses." "Not quite as bad as it smells." "Too rich and viscous." "This is maybe the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted." "The brown color of this is stressing me out. I hate the smell, hate the taste. Why do we have to drink this?"

  • #12: Magners

    <strong>$2/12-oz. bottle</strong> <b>Comments:</b> "Tastes like formaldehyde." "I don't care for this." "For having such a beautiful rich orange color, it's a little lacking in flavor." "At first I loved it, but then it was a little bland. Smells weird."

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  • Mussels Stewed With Apple And Fennel

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