The country remains deeply divided about how to fix the economy. But we can all pretty much agree on one thing: free is good.

Whether you know it or not, there are plenty of items that you would be foolish to spend your money on. And as the economy slowly inches toward recovery, ever penny counts.

Here are 14 things you'd be foolish to shell out money for.

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  • Condoms

    There are plenty of places where you can score condoms for free. Planned Parenthood, county health departments and college health clinics are just a few.

  • Tupperware

    Next time you order delivery, keep the containers!

  • Office Supplies

    We're not suggesting you go overboard here, but taking home an extra pen or pad of paper probably won't cost you your job.

  • Ironing Board

    Seriously, this is one of the more useless purchases. An ottoman, a bed or a table covered with a towel will do the trick just fine.

  • Cable TV

    There are a ton of cheaper alternatives to cable online. There are also those little things called "books" which serve as a nice alternative.

  • Food for Your Kids

    Restaurants such as Denny's offer kids free meals.

  • Airline Baggage

    Some airlines charge for <a href="" target="_hplink">checked</a> and <a href="" target="_hplink">carry-on </a>bags. Next time you travel, try to book with an airline that doesn't charge excessive fees.

  • Email

    Google and Yahoo!, as well as a number of other email platforms, offer free email addresses.

  • Bottled Water

    Water is one of the most <a href="">overpriced products</a> with markups as high as 4,000 percent! Use tap water or a water filtration system instead.

  • Paper Napkins

    Just stick a few in your pocket next time you go out to eat.

  • Soda

    Why bust your wallet <em>and</em> and your waistline?

  • Straws

    You likely give a lot of money to places like Starbucks... the least they can do in return is provide you with free straws.

  • Music

    With services like <a href="">Pandora</a> and <a href="">Spotify</a> providing you access to free music, purchasing music has become somewhat obsolete.

  • Condiments

    Condiment packets are free and in easy to access at many food joints.