You know the drill. Halloween comes around, and you're left desperately trolling the Internet for clever-but-not-too-clever costume ideas. Well, don't fret: HuffPost Celebrity has done all the work for you.

So throw away your Amy Winehouse beehives and hideous Borat unitard. Keep au courant with our list of this year's hottest celebrity costume ideas, from a pregnant Jessica Simpson mommy/mummy to Kim Kardashian's latest accessory, her Persian kitten Mercy.

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  • Jessica Simpson Pregnant Mummy

    "It’s True! I am going to be a mummy!" <a href="">Jessica Simpson shared on her website</a> last year, and with a bit of clever ribboning and/or toilet paper, you can be a pregnant mummy too.

  • Psy

    This one's pretty easy. Slip on shades and a suit, then dance stupidly every time someone asks what you are for Halloween. Bonus: Say "Obba, Gangnam style" every time you take a sip of your drink.

  • Honey Boo Boo

    The best part of it: You get to walk around Halloween night saying "Boo!" for another reason entirely.

  • Clint Eastwood's Invisible Obama

    You have two choices here. You can either be Clinton Eastwood and schlep around an empty chair, or you can wear your invisible cape and be invisible Obama.

  • Twilight Trampire

    Let's be honest -- Kristen Stewart cheating scandal aside, girls have been dressing up as sexy vampires for years. This year the costume just happens to be especially timely, apropos <a href=""> these t-shirts</a>.

  • Miley Cyrus' Bun

    This one's pretty self-explanatory. Wrap your hair up in a high bun, then tweet about dogs and puppies. Bonus accessories: black combat boots, plaid button-downs, short shorts.

  • A Scientologist

    Surprise! Completely normal-looking people among us call themselves Scientologists, like Tom Cruise (pictured). Alternative non-costume candidates: Louis C.K., a greaser.

  • Angelina Jolie's Leg at the Oscars

    Dress up in an inky black velvet gown (no, it need not be Versace), fasten a fake leg to it. Everyone will get it.

  • Rihanna's Twitter Feed

    Dress up normally, then tape post-it notes filled with expletives and randomly sexual Instagram shots to your body.

  • Chris Brown's Neck Tattoo

    Relax: the terrifying tattoo on Chris Brown's neck has been identified as a <a href="">Dia De Muerte skull from a MAC Cosmetics advertisement</a> -- <em>not </em>Rihanna.

  • Dueling Marilyn Monroes

    While Marilyn Monroe has been a Halloween classic for years, "Smash" has made it possible to be competitive about it. Dress up with your girlfriend as dueling Marilyns, then use it as an excuse to out-diva each other the whole night.

  • Mercy

    Dressing up as Kim Kardashian's kitten (a gift from boyfriend Kanye West, no less) may prove to be a bit difficult. A general rule? Look as sad as possible.

  • Tanning Mom

    Spray tan yourself silly in the name of Patricia "Tanning Mom" Krentcil. Alternative costume idea: Snooki.