Dito Von Tease's Finger Portraits Get A Big Thumbs Up (PHOTOS)

10/11/2012 01:01 pm ET
Dito Von Tease, Rex Features / Rex USA

Finger painting is so amateur, don't you think? These days it's all about the finger portrait.

Just ask the Italian artist who goes by the name Dito Von Tease. ("Dito" is Italian for "finger," and "Von Tease" is an homage to the burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese.) The mysterious artist has disguised his finger as everyone from Frida Kahlo to Mr. T, though our favorite portrait might be of Steve Jobs (below). The mystery behind the artist only adds to the intrigue of the hilarious portraits.

To turn his finger into the latest pop culture persona, Von Tease takes a picture of his finger in the buff and adds the following details with computer software. He really has a knack for capturing a person's essence, no? Check out Ditology for the full collection of celeb portraits.

Who would you like to see adorn Dito's dito next? Let us know!

Famous portraits in fingers

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