It's that time of year again -- golden leaves are on the trees, a chill is in the air and Halloween has us excited for all things spooky. What a better way to tap into that ghostly rush than to take a ghost tour?

Though ghost tours are a year-round attraction, there's something about taking one on the cusp of All Hallow's Eve that makes them particularly spine tingling.

We've taken a look at the 10 most haunted cities in America, now here's how to ensure you won't be able to remember your vacation without having nightmares.

Check out the slideshow below for ghost tours from the most haunted cities and beyond.

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  • St. Augustine, Florida

    Given its status as the nation's oldest continuously-inhabited city (founded in 1565), it comes as no surprise that St. Augustine is about as haunted as they get. The <a href="">Ghost Hearse</a> tours take guests around town in a vintage funeral hearse. <a href="">Ghost Augustine</a> kicks the haunted hearse tour up a notch by incorporating a pub crawl. The notoriously creepy <a href="">Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum</a> leads its own ghost train tour. And, <a href="">Ghosts and Gravestones</a> offers a trolley tour.

  • San Francisco, California

    In the City by the Bay, hop on a <a href="">San Francisco Ghost Hunt</a> of the city. More specialized tours include the <a href="">Haunted Haight</a> walking tour, the <a href="">Feng Shui Ghost Tour</a>, and Chinatown ghost tours offered by <a href="">San Francisco Tours</a> or <a href="">SF Chinatown Ghost Tours</a>. There's also the always creepy Winchester Mystery House through which you can also <a href="">take a tour</a>.

  • Salem, Massachusetts

    Thanks to the notorious Salem witch trials, this small Massachusetts town is probably one of the country's most well-known haunts. Take in all the paranormal happenings on a <a href="">Salem Night Tour</a>, or with <a href="">Spellbound Tours</a>, <a href="">Salem Historical Tours</a>, and <a href="">Life & Death Tours</a>.

  • Portland, Oregon

    Portland may not be home to many ghost tours, but there is one that's not to be missed. The City of Roses has a not-so-rosy past, as its home to notorious Shanghai Tunnels through which its rumored that men were kidnapped (Shanghaied) into being sailors. The truth about the tunnels can be found on an <a href="">Underground Portland</a> tour and a <a href="">Beyond Bizarre Portland</a> tour searches for supernatural activity around the city.

  • Savannah, Georgia

    Claiming the tile of <a href="">America's Most Haunted City</a>, Savannah suffers from no shortage of ghost tours. In Savannah, <a href="">Ghost City Tours</a> and <a href="">Savannah Ghost Walks</a> offer both family-friendly and adults-only tours. <a href="">Ghosts and Gravestones</a> leads a trolley tour, while <a href="">Hearse Ghost Tours</a> use -- what else?-- a hearse. <a href="">Sixth Sense Savannah</a> offers a personal take with tours that weave through a neighborhood where residents have shared their personal accounts exclusively with the company. <a href="">Bonaventure Cemetery</a> tours are also available through the famed resting ground from "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil."

  • Chicago, Illinois

    Chicago's famous gangsters get top billing for the <a href="">Weird Chicago</a> tour that promises to visit the best of the city's haunted places, crime spots and weird locales. <a href="">Chicago Ghost Investigations</a> searches for the paranormal with the aid of professional ghost hunting technology. Also, check out the <a href="">Haunted Chicago Segway Tour</a> and the <a href="">Chicago Hauntings Haunted City bus tour</a>.

  • Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

    Gettysburg has the distinction of being the battle with the greatest number of casualties in the Civil War, and many of those spirits still remain. Hear their stories on a tour from <a href="">Ghosts of Gettysburg</a>, <a href="">Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg</a>, <a href="">Ghostly Images of Gettysburg</a>, or the <a href="">Gettysburg Paranormal Association</a>.

  • San Antonio, Texas

    San Antonio graces many lists of America's most haunted cities, and has a roster of ghost tours to match that designation. There's the <a href="">Ghost Haunts of San Antonio, Texas</a> tour, the <a href="">San Antonio Ghost Tours</a>, and the <a href="">Ghosts and Legends of San Antonio</a> tour. The <a href="">Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours</a> also hosts a candlelight tour and a dinner at one of America's most haunted hotels.

  • New Orleans, Louisiana

    New Orleans offers an array of diverse ghost tours that reflects its rich history. With <a href="">French Quarter Phantoms</a>, take a tour of the famous Tremé neighborhood or explore the city's underbelly with a "true crime" tour. <a href="">Haunted History Tours</a> offers voodoo tours, vampire tours and cemetery tours. Likewise, <a href="">Tour New Orleans</a> has a cemetery and voodoo tour as well as the slightly unrelated, but still awesome-sounding scandalous cocktail hour tour. Similar tours are also available from <a href="">Spirit Tours New Orleans</a>.

  • Charleston, South Carolina

    What is it about old southern towns and their ghosts? Hear about Charleston's spooks on a tour from <a href="">Charleston's Best Tours</a>, <a href="">Ghosts of the South</a>, or <a href="">Tour Charleston</a>. <a href="">Bulldog Tours</a> offers many options like the Ghost and Dungeon tour, the Ghost and Graveyard tour, and the Haunted Jail tour.

  • Key West, Florida

    Explore the ghostly side of Hemingway's old haunt with <a href="">Ghost Tours Key West</a>, the <a href="">Ghosts and Legends of Key West</a>, or the <a href="">Key West Ghost and Mystery Tour</a>. There's also the <a href="">Ghosts and Gravestones tour</a> that takes passengers aboard the "trolley of the doomed" and is, apparently the only tour on which to see "a child's tour with a mysterious curse."

  • Seattle, Washington

    In Seattle, take a <a href="">ghost tour of Pike Place Market</a>, which was once home to the city's first mortuary, part of an old graveyard, and a brothel. <a href="">Spooked in Seattle</a> and <a href="">Private Eye on Seattle Tours</a> offer different tour options as well.

  • Williamsburg, Virginia

    Family-favorite Colonial Williamsburg has a history of hauntings and a few ghost tours from which to choose: <a href="">The Original Ghosts of Williamsburg Candlelight Tour</a>, the <a href="">Spooks and Legends</a> tour, and the <a href="">Williamsburg Walking Tours'</a> Ghostly Tales tour.

  • New York, New York

    It may not top the list of America's most haunted cities, but the Big Apple surely has some ghost stories to tell. Operators like <a href="">Gotham Walking Tours</a> and <a href="">New York Ghost Tours</a> stick to the Greenwich Village area. <a href="">Ghost Doctors Ghost Tours</a> offers a ghost hunting tour in Grand Central Terminal, a ghost tour of central park, ghost tours in Flushing Meadows, and a ghost hunting in SoHo option. <a href="">Ghosts, Murders And Mayhem Walking Tours</a> specializes in Greenwich Village, Hell's Kitchen and Lower Manhattan. <a href="">Ghosts Of New York</a> offers a staggering array of tours, including "Ghosts of the City," "From Ghost Busters to John Lennon: The Ghosts of the Upper West Side," "Ghosts of the Lower East Side," a phantom pub crawl, and more.

  • St. John's Church: Lafayette Square, Washington DC

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">Natalie Zanin</a>:<br />This photo of haunted St. John's Church was taken during The Ghost Story Tour of Washington. St.John's has several "visitors" that don't need to use the doors to get in!

  • Tombstone Arizona

    <a href=""><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="" /></a><a href="">Dwight Hull</a>:<br />Tombstone Arizona is one of the Wests most famous and haunted ghost towns. It offers several Ghost Tours. A group called Paranormal Intuitive Investigations offers tours of Tombstone and the surrounding area revealing both the haunted and historical past.