The Funniest Joe Biden Parodies (VIDEO/PHOTOS)

10/11/2012 10:30 am ET

As Joe Biden gets ready for the big 2012 Vice Presidential debate this evening, Democrats can only hope that he doesn't channel any of the parodies below while behind the podium.

"The Onion" and its video counterpart have almost cornered the market on spoofing the Vice President, with many of our favorite Biden parodies still coming from them. Of course, Jason Sudeikis' portrayal of him on "Saturday Night Live" has also shaped the way we think about Biden. Sometimes, it's hard to tell where the real VP starts and the parody version begins.

Check out Biden parodies from "The Onion" and "SNL" as well as some of our other favorites below ahead of tonight's big debate.

Joe Biden Parodies

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