You've seen them: pampered puppies, fat cats, bizarre family pictures with snakes.

These odd images occasionally consume your Facebook newsfeed, raking in more comments and "Likes" than your six-year-old daughter's first day of school picture (humph).

Who are these cringe-worthy creatures? We present to you the Awkward Pets of Facebook. They're kind of cute, kind of ugly and definitely a little bit odd. But then again, who doesn't love a pregnant Pug or a bounding Basset Hound?

While Facebook used to be littered with profiles dedicated to pets, the company has since cracked down on fake user accounts. So to gather these awkward images, we scoured the social network for public posts and pet-lover groups that could provide us with a little animal entertainment.

Do you post weird pets pics? If so, share your own Awkward Pets of Facebook in the slideshow below by pushing the "Add a slide" button. Tell us your favorite picture in the comments section or tweet us at (@HuffPostTech). Then check out the chic and spoiled Rich Cats of Instagram, or read about nine ways you can get kicked off of Facebook.

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  • Devil Dog

    Oh yeah... you're looking <em>hot</em>. Source: <a href="">Awkward Family Pets</a> via <a href="">Facebook</a>

  • Feline Dining

    This cannot be sanitary. Source: <a href="">The Hearts of the Crazy Cat People</a> via J. Evans

  • Letting It All Hang

    Straight up chillin'. Source: <a href="">ZEUS and MAIA</a>

  • Hairball

    Definitely wish we could watch this thing run around. Source: <a href="">PEKINGESE</a>

  • Anything Else, Ma'am?

    This expression says, "I'm satisfied, my minions." Source: <a href="">T. Fitzgerald </a>

  • Crazy Cats

    We've been told if you have nothing nice to say, then... Source: <a href="">Awkward Family Photos </a>via <a href="" target="_hplink">Facbook</a>

  • A Face Only A Mother Could Love

    Augh... Happy Birthday? Source: <a href="">Pugbully</a>

  • Prego Pug

    Wow. No words. Source: <a href="">Pugbully</a>

  • Big Happy Fmaily

    How are they all standing still?! Source: <a href="">Awkward Family Pets</a> via <a href="">Facebook</a>

  • A Reason To Smile

    <em>Totally</em> normal. Source: <a href="">ZEUS and MAIA</a>

  • We Could Just Kiss That Cute Lil' Face..

    ..wait, ew. Source: <a href="">Poodle Care</a>

  • Run, Basset, Run!

    Did he spot bacon? Source: <a href="">Basset Hounds</a> via Facebook. Original source unknown.

  • Little Poodle Princess

    Her hair looks better than most humans. Source: <a href="">Poodle Care</a> via S. Mayhew