By Kate Phillips

They grocery shop, the clean up after dinner, they shave. Us Weekly did not invent the desire to see famous people doing everyday things. For decades great photographers have been capturing the way “stars are just like us!” with far more interesting results than what we see on the pages of tabloids. Magnum’s archive teems with images of iconic celebrities doing endearingly everyday things. Below, you’ll find eight of the best.

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  • Jane Fonda cooking in her kitchen in France in 1967

  • Marilyn Monroe cleans up after dinner during the filming of The Misfits in Hollywood in 1960.

  • Andy Warhol shops at Gristedes supermarket near his 47th street Silver Factory in New York City in 1965.

  • Actress Julie Christie arranges flowers in her London flat in 1965.

  • American actress Joan Crawford cleans her house in Hollywood in 1959.

  • Joanne Woodward watches her husband Paul Newman shave in front of a mirror in 1963.

  • James Dean and his young cousin Markie play with a model car in Fairmount, Ind. in 1955.

  • Advice columnist Ann Landers in 1974.

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