Who knows what pets do when we're away at work or school, but one thing is for sure: when you're home, they're watching you. They see everything.

If pets could talk, they'd probably just discuss the weird things we do when no one's watching (luckily, they can only tweet so far). Still, it's pretty funny when you catch them in the act.

Check out 42 pictures of pets sneaking, creeping and generally lurking around the house watching your every move below.

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  • Sneaky Dog

    "Do you have a sec?"

  • Cat Around The Corner


  • Stunned Pug


  • Sofa Cat

    "Seriously? <em>Another</em> episode of 'Law & Order'?"

  • Wall Dog

    A convenient peephole for people watching.

  • Shower Dog

    "Um, a little privacy?"

  • Mesmerized Cat

    Just contemplating life.

  • Incognito Dog


  • Cat In Box


  • Yoga Mat Cat

    "I get more use out of this yoga mat than you!"

  • Couch Cat

    "I found the remote."

  • Cat Basket

    "You're terrible at packing."

  • Kitchen Dog

    "Do I smell bacon?"

  • Rug Cat

    "When was the last time you vacuumed?"

  • Cat's In The Bag

    You know you're not going to the gym.

  • Floorboard Cat

    Watch your step.

  • Cat On A Roof

    "Sorry, it's not hot or made of tin."

  • Cat On Deck

    Judging you from afar.

  • Garden Cat

    Cat tails must be in season.

  • Blind Dog

    "Why, hello there."

  • Judgmental Cat

    "Playing X-Box again I see."

  • Table Dog

    He's eyeing that hot dog.

  • Night Vision Cat

    Plotting your demise.

  • Stair Dog

    "We need to talk about this carpeting."

  • Dresser Cat

    Getting away from it all.

  • Priority Mail Cat

    No cheezburgers in here.

  • Library Cat

    He's going to give you even more sass if you pick up that Dave Barry book.

  • TV Cat

    You can't get this on Netflix.

  • Dog Visit

    "Sorry, am I interrupting?"

  • Neighbor Dog

    Insert "Home Improvement" joke here.

  • Giving You The Eye

    "I know what you're doing."

  • Statue Cat

    "Taking the tour, I see."

  • Stealth Dog

    Watch out for this guy.

  • Guitar Dog

    "At least he stopped playing."

  • Creeping Cat

    "I see you."

  • Dog On Balcony

    "You're leaving me again, aren't you."

  • Ashamed Dog

    "Please forgive me?"

  • Tree Cat

    "I'm channeling a koala bear."

  • Couch Dog

    Camouflage complete.

  • Chair Cat

    "Are you not going to invite me to dinner?"

  • Dog Around The Corner

    "This wall smells great."

  • Dog Undercover

    Watching your every move.

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