Since I've heard so many myths and misunderstandings about the electoral college, I just had to set the records straight. So, when Donna Brazile, Vice-Chair of the Democratic National Committee, joined me on Mondays with Marlo, I had her explain exactly how the process works. Not only did she explain to me how the number of electors each state is given is completely dependent on the population of the state, but she even told me how and why our vote matters in the electoral process.

For more on Donna Brazile's illustrious career, see her political journey to Vice-Chair of the DNC:

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  • Every Woman Counts Campaign

    At the ripe age of just nine, Donna Brazile started her career in politics working to elect a city council candidate who had made the promise to build a playground in her neighborhood. Ever since then, Donna's political career hasn't been stopped. Here she is in 2012, speaking at the Every Woman Counts campaign encouraging women to speak out on issues, vote and run for office.

  • Presidential Campaign Manager

    Between 1976 and 2000, Donna participated in every Democratic presidential campaign. And, in 2000, she was chosen to be the campaign manager for the presidential hopeful Al Gore. Here, Vice President Al Gore introduces Donna at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for his campaign headquarters in Nashville, TN.

  • One Of Many Firsts

    Although she'd worked for numerous presidential campaigns before, when Vice President Al Gore appointed Donna to be the campaign manager of his 2000 presidential run, Donna became the first African-American woman to manage a major presidential campaign.

  • Democratic National Committee

    After Al Gore's campaign Donna stepped away from managing presidential campaigns, but she certainly didn't take a break from politics. After the post-election recount of votes in Florida during the 2000 presidential election, Donna was appointed to the Democratic National Committee's Voting Rights Institute.

  • Superdelegate At The 2008 DNC

    During the 2008 presidential election Donna was made a superdelegate and the Democratic National Convention due to all her hard work for Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Today, Donna serves as the Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, a position she's held since 2009.

  • Good Morning America

    When she's not tirelessly working on presidential campaigns or with the Democratic National Committee, Donna shares her political insights with a number of television programs. Here, Donna talks hot topics with Larry Hackett, Kirstie Alley and George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America in 2010.

  • "This Week" On ABC News

    Donna gets ready to for a conversation about the Oct. 3rd, 2012 presidential debate on the ABC News program, "This Week." Just look at that powerhouse roundtable Donna is sitting at.

  • Analyzing The Presidential Debates

    Donna jots down notes during the presidential debate between Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. Following the debate she and the rest of the show's roundtable analyzed the issues raised by the candidates.

  • Member of the "O Power List"

    Throughout her career Donna has been making strides for women in politics, and it's no surprise how many people have taken notice of her work. In 2009, "Oprah Magazine" chose Donna as one of its 20 remarkable visionaries for the magazine's first ever "O Power List." She was also named one of the top fifty women in America by "Essence" magazine.

  • White House Correspondents' Dinner

    Donna poses for a picture with journalist Chris Wallace and his wife Lorraine Smothers at the White House Correspondents' dinner and cocktail party at the St. Regis Hotel in 2011.

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