Morgan Freeman Speaks On America's 'Challenges' In New Obama Ad

10/15/2012 04:58 pm ET | Updated Oct 22, 2012

Weeks following Samuel L. Jackson's command to voters to “Wake The F*ck Up,” another Hollywood A-lister has lent his support to the Obama campaign.

The Obama camp released a new add this weekend, featuring none other than actor, Morgan Freeman. During the 32-second clip, aptly titled, “Challenges,” and which has gone viral since its release, Freeman speaks on the various improvements that have been made over the past four years in addition to some of the future obstacles the nation faces:

Every president inherits challenges, few have faced so many. Four years later our enemies have been brought to justice. Our heroes are coming home. Assembly lines are humming again—there are still challenges to meet, children to educate, a middle class to rebuild but the last thing we should do is turn back now.

Check out the full “Challenge” ad above.

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