Chris Matthews & Bill O'Reilly Inhale Helium, Debate At 'Night Of Too Many Stars' (VIDEO)

10/16/2012 05:09 pm ET | Updated Oct 22, 2012

At Comedy Central's "Night of Too Many Stars," the producers pulled out all the stops to bring people together onstage who would typically avoid each other at all costs in the name of raising money for autism research. In that spirit, Chris Matthews and Bill O'Reilly came together for a spirited debate about today's issues.

The only catch? They had to inhale helium while doing it. And moderator John King does not let them off the hook.

Check out the clip above, and yes, Chris and Bill do impersonate Alvin & the Chipmunks and a Munchkin, respectively. To get involved in the fight against autism, text STARS to 50555 and give $10 to support autism programs (full terms can be found here).

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