'Octomom' Nadya Suleman Endorses President Obama

10/16/2012 03:13 pm ET

Lindsay Lohan has endorsed Mitt Romney. Now, another controversial celebrity, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman, has come forward to voice her political affiliation. Suleman said she plans to vote for President Barack Obama.

“I am registered, but the last time I tried to vote, last election, I was pregnant with babies. And I tried to vote, but I was in the most pain ever with kidney stones,” said Suleman. “I was in the most pain ever. I got to the polls but had to turn around and go back home. I had my friend sit my six children for an hour. I was on my way to vote for Obama, and my ribs were broken by a baby.”

Acknowledging how hard it is for single mothers to find childcare, Nadya vowed that this year would different. She will make sure she gets to vote, she said.

“I would still vote the same this time. It’s very difficult for single moms to be part of it. My life is so busy at the moment, but it’s very important because this is our children’s future. I think the debates are essential; they inspire people to get more active and work for your values.”


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