Ever since Mitt Romney told America he's solicited "binders full of women" during a search of cabinet members as Governor of Massachusetts, the Internet has been abuzz with a thousand different variations on the "binders full of women" meme.

Now the Interwebs' "three ring circus" has moved on to Amazon.com, where a concerned group of users have been trolling the customer review sections of binder sales, helpfully evaluating the ability of various brands to hold different numbers and sizes of women.

The tongue-in-cheek reviews, which constitute something of a mild political statement, starting popping after the second presidential debate Tuesday night at Hofstra University on Long Island, New York.

Undecided voter Katherine Fenton asked both candidates about pay inequality for women, to which Romney spoke about an experience working as governor (which some media reports now claim isn't actually accurate.)

"I said, ‘Well, gosh, can’t we -- can’t we find some -- some women that are also qualified? I went to a number of women’s groups and said, ‘Can you help us find folks,’ and they brought us whole binders full of women."

Just like Romney's "Big Bird" comment from the first presidential debate, the "binders" comment sparked an Internet explosion, with hilarious results.

The customer reviews for the "Avery Durable View Binder with 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring, White, 1 Binder (17032)" have been viewed by thousands of people, many of whom found them "very helpful."

Sabriel writes of the three-ring office standard:

Maybe it's just my women, but they don't seem to want to fit into the space I've designated for them in this binder. They keep sticking out over the edges, even getting away in some cases. I thought using clear, glass-ceiling page protectors would help, but it doesn't seem to slow them down anymore.

I'm going to have to resort to more severe three-hole punching, to keep my women in line. And maybe switch to the Trap Her, Keep Her.

Reviewer LeeBo takes a different perspective, that of the women actually inside the binder:

s a wife and mother, I LOVE this binder. It keeps me in my place, allows me to get dinner ready on time, AND only costs 72% of the more masculine version. Some people might think it's sexist, but sheesh, I'm not binding my feet, just my brain. Extra bonus, if you sit on it just right, it can act as an effective method of birth control! Full disclosure: I submitted this under my husband's account, with his full permission. He is the head of our household, and the owner of the binder.

PenName220 helpfully reminds prospective binder buyers that the binders in question do not, I repeat do not, come with women already inside. For that you're on your own:

For any of you who might be considering, like me, purchasing this binder based on the reviews, let me just point out one glaring omission: While this is a lovely, multi-purpose binder, IT DOES NOT COME WITH WOMEN. Presumably one is expected to find women on one's own, or contact women's groups who are supposedly eager to help stock your empty binder with women.

For a first time buyer like myself, I have to say I would rather have waited until I had accumulated a few women before investing in a binder. Just a little warning for prospective buyers.

The Avery Nonstick Heavy-Duty EZD Reference View 2 Inch Black Binder (79692), on the other hand, apparently is good for anyone needing to organize their women into different categories, according to reviewer M. Witter.

I tend to deal with a fair amount of women in both my personal and professional life and I struggle with keeping them secured within the standard 1" binders. I bought this on a whim in the hopes that I could possibly go from roughly 15 women per 1" binder to possibly 20. These binders are indeed heavy-duty, and with the 2-inch binder I can easily fit 35 women for each binder. The clear pocket allows me to make cover pages and easily organize by hair color, body type, culinary skills, and general moodiness. I did not give this 5 stars because I did notice that the inner pocket tends to stretch after a fair amount of use, particularly with the larger framed female group. Overall, I would recommend this for anyone seeking a more durable and permanent solution for the organization, selection, and storage of women into binders.

Gary Francis Powers writes that while he didn't have any particular problems with his Avery binder, he returned it anyway in deference to his wife's wishes.

"She asked me to return it. Didn't like the color," he wrote.

Then again, she is a woman - like I even listen to them. One additional feature such as soundproofing would have been a nice touch. Other than that, it's basic and travels well to the cayman islands.

Both Gawker and Buzzfeed have amassed their own lists of some of the best binder reviews.

This is not the first time the customer reviews section of Amazon products have been "trolled" with a rush of snarky reviewers.

In August, a newly launched Bic Cristal "For Her" pen prompted an outpouring of disgust, with shoppers ridiculing the pen by the hundreds.

“Finally! For years I’ve had to rely on pencils, or at worst, a twig and some drops of my feminine blood to write down recipes (the only thing a lady should be writing ever),” one reviewer wrote.

h/t Gawker

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