LA Delivery Food: The Best Spots For Every Neighborhood (PHOTOS)

10/18/2012 07:03 pm ET | Updated Oct 19, 2012

This story comes to us courtesy of Refinery29.

Anyone else feeling like this week was the dooziest of doozies? Well, TGIF, dear readers! If a post-work grocery-store run or even a trip around the block for an easy bite tonight seems physically impossible, put on your comfiest clothes (we can't even begin to wrap our brains around jeans and a T-shirt today), turn on the tube, and dial up one of our 40 savory go-tos that deliver on the spot.

LA has so many mobile-meal gems that it can sometimes be challenging to navigate who's going to serve up fast, belly-friendly food. So, to make it even easier for your tired ol' bones, we've organized our delish list by neighborhood, and covered a smorgasbord of varying cuisines. Whether it's sushi and "Modern Family" in Silver Lake or pizza and "Girls" in Venice, you'll be cozy and well-fed for a productive and relaxing day tomorrow.

Check out a selection of our favorites from this list - to see all 40 restaurants on Refinery29's list, click here.

Best LA Delivery Food
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