Nude Body Painters Are The Canvas (NSFW PHOTOS)

10/18/2012 12:20 pm ET

Finally, someone will appreciate your body of work.

It's possible that early humans were dabbing paint on themselves for war or decoration even before some caveman Caravaggio decided to draw a yak on a rock wall.

The members of the American Association for Nude Recreation are keeping the presumedly ancient tradition alive with their inaugural Amazing Canvas Nudist Face and Body Painting Event.

Held in 35 nudist resorts and camps this past summer, the body painting contest was open to professional artists and amateur enthusiasts, and participants didn’t have to be AANR members to win.


Body Painting Champions

Each resort joining in on the festive event judged local entries and then submitted photos to the AANR national headquarters website.

Members then viewed the painting pics online to grand prize winner in both the amateur and professional categories.

The top amateur and professional artists received $500 each, while the second place winners received $250 each and 3rd place amateur and professional artists received $100 each.

Sadly, the names of the winning artists aren't being announced, because while nude body painters are OK with exposing their bodies, they're a little sketchy about exposing their identities.

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