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Americans For Prosperity Releases New Wisconsin Robocall

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Americans for Prosperity, the 501(c)(4) organization connected to the Koch brothers, is sponsoring calls to Wisconsin residents that ask them to spend the weekend knocking on doors and making calls to educate others about President Barack Obama's "failing" agenda.

The robocall, which was heard Waukesha County, asks residents to volunteer for National Prosperity Action Weekend to help spread AFP's message. The calls urge listeners to press one to volunteer either Friday, Saturday or Sunday at an office in Muskego.

"Do you think Obama's agenda is failing America?" the calls asks.

The call, which notes it is important to "keep grassroots pressure" on Obama, implores listeners with a sense of urgency. Earlier this month, AFP made calls in Wisconsin, the home state of Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, urging listeners to attend a rally in the state.

"Time is running out," the robocall says.

Listen to the full call below. The call was sent into The Huffington Post from a reader through the Off The Bus initiative, which enables readers to work with staff to cover politics through the lens of their own communities. A full list of all robocalls received can be heard here.

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