Sex appeal isn't the first thing we think of when it comes to baby carrots, but Bolthouse Farms -- which already has pushed the boundaries of carrot sexiness -- is taking another crack at it.

A new ad for Baby Carrot ShakeDowns, which are bags of carrots with seasoning that can be shaken into it, suggestively recommends "shaking your carrots right out in the open."

AdWeek sums up the oh-so-subtle sexiness perfectly: "It's like they have veggie Shake Weights." The publication spoke with Bob Cianfrone, executive creative director of the ad agency that created the spot, goodness Mfg., who explained the reasoning behind the new product:

"When people interacted with the product, they all had the most fun shaking the seasoning right onto their Baby Carrots ... It's tactile and interactive, and even leaves a residue on your fingers like less healthy snacks. Part of our mission with this new campaign is to show consumers that healthy snacking can taste great and be fun."

Baby carrot Shakedowns come in three flavors -- ranch, salsa and chili lime -- and were sold as part of a consumer trial in San Antonio in September. Now, the product's web site features a number of locations where baby carrot Shakedowns are available.

Watch Bolthouse Farms' sexy Baby Carrot ShakeDowns below.

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