Actor Ed Burns and supermodel Christy Turlington have defied those doomed Hollywood couple odds by staying married for almost 10 years now. They also have two beautiful children, summer at their Hamptons estate, do charity work together and all the while have never seemed to age a bit, leaving us to doubt if they have, well, any flaws.

On "CBS This Morning" on Friday, Charlie Rose marveled on this pristine pairing and asked the handsome actor how he landed his impossibly gorgeous wife, now 43.

It's not something he's never had to give a (playful) answer for. In 2011, Burns attributed his luck landing Turlington to his "Irish charm" and told HuffPost that the couple was still in their "honeymoon" period, after almost ten years of marriage. (Cue the awww's.)

We're also jazzed at this fun fact: Christy's sister Kelly is married to Ed's brother Brian.

But back to the happy couple: watch the video above to hear how Burns worked his magic on one of the most beautiful women in the world.

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