Everyone has a story about the one that got away. For Ed Church, it wasn't a high school sweetheart left behind, or a job offer he turned down -- "the one" was a beloved 1958 Harley-Davidson.

"It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw," Church said of the bike he had as a high school sophomore in Montana.

"[Back then] there were no Hondas, you had a Harley or an Indian [motorcycle]," Church recalled. "The whole rite of passage as a young man was trying to start one."

Church rode the bike for 13 years, but sold the Harley after his daughter was born. "I knew I had made a mistake. I always wondered what would come if I ever found it again, but I never had much hope."

That fleeting sense of hope got a big boost when he stumbled upon a listing for his bike on eBay, 32 years to the date he remembers selling it.

But it wouldn't be that easy to get her back -- to hear about Church's search for his bike on eBay, watch the video above.

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