From a seven-year-old's political views to offensive tweets, The TV world had quite the week.

Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thomson told Jimmy Kimmel that she was planning on voting for Obama -- if she could vote, while Ryan Murphy saw victory once again when the "American Horror Story: Asylum" premiere saw its highest ratings ever.

In less uplifting news, Lena Dunham offended a wide range of people by suggesting Mindy Kaling dress up as a Canadian killer for Halloween and NBC's "Animal Practice" got pulled from its schedule.

Click through the slideshow below for a recap of what happened in the TV world this week ... and what we learned from it.

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  • Honey Boo Boo Endorses Obama

    <strong>The Event:</strong> While being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel, <a href="">Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson proudly stated Barack Obama has her vote</a> for president after Kimmel told her Romney wasn't her biggest fan. <strong>The Lesson:</strong> A 7-year-old's political views can certainly get attention, even if her vote will not count.

  • NBC Is Working On An 'Alice In Wonderland' Show

    <strong>The Event:</strong> "CSI" creator Anthony Zuiker <a href="">is developing "Wonderland" for NBC</a>, in which Alice will play the queen of all Wonderland with an evil character named Clara challenging her rule. "Wonderland" can't exactly be called original, however. Lionsgate is developing "Alice In Wonderland," The CW is developing "Wunderland," and ABC's "Once Upon A Time" has had its fair share of "Alice" storylines. <strong>The Lesson:</strong>We've fallen down the rabbit hole.

  • NBC Pulls "Animal Practice" From Its Schedule

    <strong>The Event:</strong> Sorry, Crystal the Monkey fans -- Dr. Rizzo is no more! After seeing low ratings in its first few episodes, <a href="">NBC pulled "Animal Practice" from its schedule</a>, plugging the delayed "Whitney" into its time slot. <strong>The Lesson:</strong> An adorable monkey can't carry a whole show ... unfortunately.

  • Lena Dunham Offends Everyone

    <strong>The Event:</strong> When Mindy Kaling tweeted at Lena Dunham asking if she and "Office" writer B.J. Novak wanted to dress up as the West Memphis Three, the "Girls" creator and star responded saying that Kaling and Novak should go as <a href="">serial killer duo Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.</a> The Twitterverse exploded with angry comments until Dunham finally offered an apology. <strong>The Lesson:</strong> Whether she's forgetting to include black characters, not wearing pants to events or tweeting about serial killers, Lena Dunham is going to offend people.

  • "American Horror Story: Asylum" Is A Hit

    <strong>The Event:</strong> Ryan Murphy's "American Horror Story: Asylum" did predictably well in the ratings, <a href="">breaking its own record with 3.85 million viewers and earning the No. 1 position in its timeslot among adults 18-34. </a> <a href="">Was it those awesome promos</a>? <a href="">Murphy's twitter teasers</a>? Or is the FX series' second installment just that much better? <strong>The Lesson:</strong> Like it or not, Ryan Murphy runs this mutha.

  • 'Mad Men' Is Headed To Hawaii

    <strong>The Event:</strong> Trouble in paradise? Maybe so. The Season 6 premiere of "Mad Men" <a href="">is rumored to take place in Hawaii</a>, and Don (Jon Hamm) and Megan Draper (Jessica Pare) might just be the lucky vacationing pair. <strong>The Lesson:</strong> When the going gets tough in Manhattan (or on a TV show), just go to Hawaii.

  • One Million Moms Attacks "The New Normal" ... Again

    <strong>The Event:</strong> After Ellen Barkin's homophobic character <a href="">poked fun at the anti-gay organization One Million Moms</a> on "The New Normal" with the line "I need the help of every one of you future One Million Moms," the organization released a statement saying the show had actually <em>helped</em> their cause because of the "free publicity." Really?! <strong>The Lesson:</strong> One Million Moms is fighting a losing battle.

  • Mae Whitman Is Stripping Down With Matt Lauria

    <strong>The Event:</strong> Being on "Parenthood" doesn't just mean you get to hang out with Lauren Graham all day. <a href="">This week, Mae Whitman and newcomer Matt Lauria were spotted scantily clad (and making out) on set.</a> <strong>The Lesson:</strong> Even the most family-oriented show can do more than make you cry.

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