10/20/2012 12:41 pm ET

Bill Maher Mocks Mitt Romney's Women Remarks With Hitchcock's 'Shadow Of A Doubt' (VIDEO)

After Mitt Romney put the phrase "binders full of women" into all of our minds last week, Bill Maher went to work to find the perfect cinematic analogy for the GOP nominee's latest problem with the ladies.

On this week's episode of "Real Time," Maher claimed to have found yet another secret video of Romney saying some questionable things at a dinner party before playing one of the most famous scenes from Alfred Hitchcock's 1943 thriller "Shadow Of A Doubt."

This time, instead of insulting 47% of the country, a younger Romney (who looks an awful lot like actor Joseph Cotten) goes on a misogynistic rant. Watch how Maher turns the classic scene into a campaign video above.


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