No one would argue that suspected infidelity is one of the toughest roadblocks to overcome in a marriage.

In an episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter" that airs Sunday, Fergie sits down with Oprah to discuss how difficult it was to deal with rumors of husband Josh Duhamel's tryst with an Atlanta stripper just nine months into their marriage in 2009.

Since then, the couple has been able to move past the hurtful allegations, which Fergie attributes to their strong communication skills.

But not all celebrity marriages are able to survive rumors of infidelity -- especially when a stripper is involved. Click through the slides below to see five stars whose reported trysts with exotic dancers landed them in divorce court.

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  • Tiger Woods

    News of Tiger Woods' <a href="">cheating scandal</a> first broke in <a href="">November 2009</a>. In the following weeks, almost a dozen <a href="">reported mistresses</a> came forward -- including model and <a href="">Vegas stripper Jamie Jungers</a>. The pro golfer and and his <a href=",,710377,00.html">wife of almost six years</a>, Elin Nordegren, <a href=",,20414961,00.html">finalized their divorce</a> in August 2010.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Yankees star Alex Rodriguez reportedly <a href="">cheated on Cynthia Rodriguez</a> -- his wife of <a href="">more than five years</a> -- with several women, including a so-called <a href=",,20210715,00.html">"affair of the heart" with Madonna</a> and dalliances with <a href="">two strippers</a>. In 2007, reports surfaced that the Yankees hotshot was having an affair with <a href=";jsessionid=28F35F6B1188D7F888D227C0AE7BD851">Vegas-based exotic dancer Joslyn Noel Morse</a>. A day after his wife <a href="">filed for divorce</a> in July 2008, <a href="">the Boston Herald ran a story</a> about stripper Candice Houlihan, who also claimed to have slept with Rodriguez years earlier. Their <a href="">divorce was finalized</a> in January 2009.

  • Jesse James

    In March 2010, <em>In Touch</em> published an <a href="">exclusive interview with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee</a>, a tattoo model and <a href="">stripper</a> who allegedly had an 11-month affair with Sandra Bullock's then-husband, Jesse James. Bullock <a href="">filed for divorce</a> from her spouse of almost five years in April 2010, after rumors of his <a href="">multiple indiscretions</a> surfaced. The ex-couple's divorce was <a href="">finalized two months later</a> in June 2010.

  • Matt LeBlanc

    While still married to model Melissa McKnight, former "Friends" star Matt LeBlanc <a href="">reportedly confessed</a> to engaging in <a href=",,20157263,00.html">inappropriate behavior with a stripper</a> during a motorcycle trip to Canada. "The stripper was all over me," he told the tabloid. "I acted like a fool in allowing myself to be led astray and placed in such a horrible situation and I feel ashamed." LeBlanc<a href=""> filed for divorce</a> from McKnight -- his wife of three years -- in March 2006. Their <a href=",,1536926,00.html">divorce was finalized</a> in September of that year.

  • Chad Johnson

    During his relationship with "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada, former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson <a href="">reportedly had affairs</a> with several women, including <a href="">Atlanta stripper and aspiring model Amber Priddy</a>. After a <a href="">domestic dispute</a> in August 2012, Lozada<a href=",,20621087,00.html"> filed for divorce</a> from her husband of just 41 days. The whirlwind marriage officially came to an end when the <a href="">divorce was finalized</a> in September 2012.

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