We've already shown you that we receive some pretty hilarious corrections ourselves, but those are nothing compared to the 26 LOL-worthy ones we have here.

We can't vouch for the authenticity of every picture, but parody or not, we found over two dozen funny news corrections around the web that we can only hope we don't have to rival one day.

Check out every woeful regret in print below and vote for the most ridiculous ones.

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  • Puzzling Correction

    Alternate headline: Jumble Jumbled.

  • Drugs Not Drums

    This story just got a lot less interesting.

  • Dan Baer: Man Of Many Trades

    To be fair, he did take that weekend seminar on Feng Shui.

  • My Little Mistake

    We might see why they were confused: Twilight Sparkle doesn't really sound like the name of a "nerdy intellectual."

  • Sorry, Moon

    We thought people knew this by now.

  • Mmm... Beef On A Bun

    So the fundraiser is for someone to be able to have a steak dinner.

  • Ironic, isn't it?

    Now we'd like to hear someone use "Serrefine" in a sentence.

  • Come On, People

    This correction obviously came from <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comic_Book_Guy">Comic Book Guy</a>.

  • We Sure Feel Silly


  • No One Wants To Be 41

    Misspelling a name is one thing, but making someone older than 40? Come on.

  • Spoiler Alert!

    Also, this was very important.

  • Misuse Of Punctuation Can Be Devastating

    We feel bad for the Lieutenant, but also whoever transcribed that interview.

  • So Everything Was Wrong

    On a related note: does anyone ever actually use the word "Supine?"

  • Error! Error! Error!

    We're not sure this correction warrants such an exciting headline.

  • Correcting The Correction

    They regret that their previous regrets were regrettable.

  • Circus Acts, Not Sex Acts

    If you're an actor, though, it's probably best if you know both.

  • Pretty Much The Same Thing

    Both equally rude crimes.

  • Would-Be Porn Star

    Talk about an innocent bystander.

  • Super Shopper Or Sexual Dynamo?

    George's wife called in the correction.

  • Pastor Dick Bigblow?

    Whichever way you print it, it's still pretty funny.

  • Sorry For Calling You A Prostitute

    What's a police blotter without a little character assassination?

  • Too Soon?

    Public Enemy is nothing if not politically correct.

  • Bilingual Correction

    Well that clears that up.

  • Zombie E.B. White

    We can't wait to see what he has planned for next century.

  • President Buffy

    The world would be a better place if the writer didn't have to correct this column.

  • Duped By 'The Onion'

    Look, we all wish <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/25/fooled-by-the-onion_n_1912413.html">the Obama "Tiger Beat" cover</a> was real.

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