Can't figure out how to dress yourself up as a binder full of women for Halloween? Then there's always Big Bird, a hot costume this year thanks to Mitt Romney's presidential promise to fire the Sesame Street character.

But what if the stores are sold out? You could always go as Superman, President Obama or one of the characters from "Jersey Shore." Or you could go with a tried-and-true scary standby: an old person.

Judging by this year's assortment of old man and old woman costumes, stereotypes of the elderly abound -- they're pretty gruesome or pretty pathetic -- or a bit of both. There are masks with warts, white wigs and liver spots. There are inflatable canes, walkers and even Super Drooper boobs.

There also are plenty of websites packed with information on how to dress like an old person without the benefit of a store-bought costume. One example: "Sketch what you think you'd like to look like. Add extra things to give your design real character, such as spots, scars, apple cheeks, jowls, or even nose putty..."

So check out our slideshow of some of this year's most popular old people costumes and tell us what you think in comments. Do these costumes promote an offensive stereotype? Or are they just in keeping with the spirit of the holiday?

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  • Grumpy Old Man

    This mask with a few tufts of grey hair is dotted with icky liver spots. But people must love it. The product has been sold out for some time on <a href=""></a>

  • Old Lady Costume

    This costume is available from a variety of sellers and generally includes wig, dress and, of course, padded butt. The costume sells for $44.99 on <a href=""></a>

  • Old Man Deluxe Chinless Mask

    Tell those whipper snappers a thing or two in this Old Man Deluxe Chinless Mask for $18.99 from <a href=""></a> And check out those eyebrows!

  • Oh 69 Bingo Lady Full Mask

    Live as the queen of the Thursday night bingo game with this mask for $23.19 from<a href=""></a> There's also a male version of this mask; it's hard, though, to tell which is which.

  • Old Man Costume

    "Tell everyone to be quiet, Matlock's on!" is the catchphrase that runs alongside the listing of this old man costume that sells for $44.99 on <a href=""></a>.

  • Old Woman Face

    This old woman face mask appliance kit is designed to bring your little old lady, kooky witch or grandma costume to the next level. It sells for $24.99 on<a href=""></a>

  • Grandma's Grey Wig

    Instantly age 50 years with Grandma's Grey Wig for $8.59 at <a href=""></a>

  • Old Woman Olga Mask

    This is one scary looking gal! No grey hair, but check out those apple cheeks! The mask is currently sold out on <a href="">Amazon.</a> But it's available from a variety of other costume sellers.

  • Lost Puppy Humorous Column

    This is an old lady's costume with a sense of humor from <a href="">Amazon</a> for $39.58.

  • Old Lady? Old Man?

    This is marketed as an old lady costume, but the gender is hard to discern. The mask goes for $19.99 on <a href=""></a>

  • Old Man Mask

    <a href=""></a> says that this highly detailed mask is sure to send chills down your friends' spines. It could be right.

  • Old Woman Mask

    You can age 50 years in an instant by donning this realistic mask. Buy it on various websites, including <a href=""></a>, for $51.99.

  • Senior Citizen Foam Mask

    Raise your fist in outrage at all the young whippersnappers at the party in this Senior Citizen Foam Mask that sells for $30.09 from <a href=""> </a>

  • Old Lady With Scarf Mask

    Big nose, big cheeks, big chin. This rubber face mask comes with an attached fabric hood and sells on <a href="">Amazon</a> for $33.95.