Mitt Romney stopped in at a Delray Beach, Fla., burger joint called BurgerFi for dinner on Sunday night, a day before the Republican nominee was set to square off against President Barack Obama in nearby Boca Raton for the final debate of 2012. While eating, Romney was playing with one of his grandsons, who was playing with an iPhone 5:

mitt romney iphone
(Photo credit: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

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  • Wes Curry

    @HuffingtonPost #RomneyPhotoCaptions holy crap grandson that is a awesome iPhone 5 you have there! want 7 more just in case this one breaks?

  • Ali West

    So that's how you store your women now? @HuffPostPol #RomneyPhotoCaptions

  • Dufus

    #RomneyPhotoCaptions Grandpa owns that factory in China

  • SWE3D

    @HuffPostPol if that phone is caffeinated you're going to hell. #RomneyPhotoCaptions

  • Kathy Novak

    @HuffPostPol Binders are so over, Grandpa. They have an app for that now #RomneyPhotoCaptions

  • Carrie Savage

    "Look grandpa, someone just tweeted a link to your tax returns!" #RomneyPhotoCaptions

  • Edward Zook #RomneyPhotoCaptions Hey Pap, there is an app called "What was my stance on that issue yesterday!'

  • Anti DeLusional

    "We invested in that company and we've got binders of Chinese employees who make these phones!" #RomneyPhotoCaptions


    "I Made That" Romney Lies to Grandson #RomneyPhotoCaptions

  • Rachel K

    ...This is the toilet paper you like, right? #RomneyPhotoCaptions “@HuffPostPol: Romney's grandson shows him iPhone 5”

  • Mr. DiGeorge

    @HuffPostPol I could fact-check on the spot with this thing? Look out, Obama and Candy! #RomneyPhotoCaptions

  • Max Planck

    RT @Kathy_Novak: @HuffPostPol Binders are so over, Grandpa. They have an app for that now #RomneyPhotoCaptions

  • THB

    @HuffingtonPost China sure knows how to make iPhones affordable for Americans! #RomneyPhotoCaptions

  • SFatima

    How did Big Bird get this number?! #RomneyPhotoCaptions @HuffingtonPost

  • Mr. DiGeorge

    @HuffPostPol Wait, did you get this from China? They hacked into our systems! #RomneyPhotoCaptions

  • Jennifer

    Why, that phone was built in the same factory where i was assembled! Good times... #RomneyPhotoCaptions

  • SirHellsing420

    @HuffingtonPost "So you're saying even Siri hates me?! But she's not even a real woman!!" #RomneyPhotoCaptions

  • Steph4n

    What? You 'Like' Obama on Facebook? #RomneyPhotoCaptions

  • Valerie

    @HuffPostPol Look Grandpa you can see the 21st century from the 1950s, Really! #RomneyPhotoCaptions

  • Emrys

    #RomneyPhotoCaptions And it's made in CHINA!!

  • Bobby Gomez

    #RomneyPhotoCaptions I'm going to get Bain Capital on it right away grandchild.

  • Gabriel C.

    @HuffingtonPost "Granddad, here's your problem. You tried to find the #RoadToPresidency using #AppleMaps!" #RomneyPhotoCaptions

  • Bobby Gomez

    #RomneyPhotoCaptions You know I support the Samsung Galaxy SIII..Wait I support the Apple iPhone 5, sorry for the flip flop.

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