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Sarah Palin Slams Obama Debate Performance

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Sarah Palin slammed President Barack Obama's performance against Mitt Romney in Monday night's debate during an appearance on Fox Business Network following the event.

"I think President Obama certainly showed his desperation tonight with not only his mannerisms, with all of his interruptions and seemingly angered responses, but his false charges," she said. "And he is trying to make up for lost ground, of course, because the president’s lies are catching up with him. It’s unfortunate that Gov. Romney didn’t have time to answer all the false charges. I made a couple of pages of a list of the false charges."

Palin argued that Romney "came across much more presidential" and added, "He's not petulant. He's not self-centered when it comes to talking about his record and giving credit where credit is due whereas obviously Obama is a very self-centered politician who wants to blame everybody but himself when something goes wrong and you saw a lot of that tonight."

Click here for full video of Obama and Romney facing off from HuffPost Live.

Below, scenes from Monday night's presidential debate.

Presidential Debate: The Final Showdown
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