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Twitter Reaction To Debate: Post 50s Have Their Say

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President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney met Monday night for the last time to debate their foreign policy positions. Syria, Afghanistan, a nuclear Iran and currency-manipulating China were on the table in what many are noting was a debate where the president and Romney had more similarities than differences.

Last night 6.5 million tweets went out during the debate, according to Twitter, with the color commentary ranging from hilarious (apparently the debates were brought to you by the letter "B" for Big Bird, binders and bayonets) to informed. As always, celebs and regular folk were glued to their keyboards, sending out their thoughts on the final presidential debate in 140 characters or less. See what they had to say in the slideshow below.

See previous reactions to the first and second presidential debate, and the vice presidential debate.

Post 50s Respond To Third Presidential Debate
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