7 Dumbest Quotes From CNN's Women Voters Article, With Feminist Imagery (PHOTOS)

10/24/2012 06:20 pm ET

This afternoon, published an article that reported on a study speculating whether women make voting decisions with no small input from their wildly unpredictable hormones. The very premise of the study -- not to mention CNN's reporting on it -- quickly sparked the ire of many, mostly due to the unignoreable fact that the 19th amendment exists.

We won't encourage you to read the whole article, but for your convenience, we've grabbed the juiciest excerpts and set them against some images that we believe will enhance them. Enjoy! And remember not to vote with your hormones, but instead because of the last week's gaffes and bloopers.

The Worst Lines From CNN's "Do Hormones Drive Women's Votes?" Article

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