We recently came across Tim Burton's childhood Halloween costume that inspired "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and were amazed at how terrifying it looked today. But, as we've pointed out before, you don't have to be the creator of "Edward Scissorhands" to have had an undeniably creepy Halloween costume photo from the past.

We added to our slideshow from last year of the creepiest vintage costumes ever to bring you even more unintentionally scary pictures before Halloween. Even the costumes that were meant to be scary back then are even more terrifying today, especially due to the faded black-and-white and washed-out photos.

And don't even get us started on the costumes that were intended to be "cute."

Click through over 40 of our favorite vintage Halloween costumes below and then try going to sleep tonight. We dare you!

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  • Fly On Bicycle

    The beginning of a terrific horror movie.

  • Mrs. Colonel Sanders, Spider-Man & Batman

    Well now we've seen everything.

  • Beheaded Jester?

    Put the mask back on! Put the mask back on!

  • Mishapen Jester

    Please make it stop.

  • Devil Taking Candy From A Baby

    No, baby! It's a trap!

  • Scary Rabbits

    These rabbit ears looks suspiciously like devil horns.

  • Little Yellow... Somethings

    Footie pajamas are officially ruined.

  • Pointy Clowns

    Bad news: your grandmother's creepy old dolls have come to life.

  • Chewbacca

    We have to give props for the authentic look, but something about the giant head, tiny hands and slightly too realistic gun just gives us the creeps.

  • Nightmares Of A Geisha

    If we saw this coming toward us, we'd run.

  • Creepy Couple

    It's usually the boys that have the creepiest costumes.

  • Clown Creeping Up On You

    <a href="http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/soon">SOON</a>.

  • Creepy Little Munchkins

    The fake nose/glasses combo never gets old.

  • Rainbrow Brite

    What's worse: the lack of neck or the not-so-inconspicuous eye holes?

  • Looking Into Your Soul

    Also, what's going on with that Jack-O-Lantern?

  • Ghost-Loving Ape

    Monkey on top, school marm on the bottom?

  • One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

    We can deal with the other two, but little Raggedy Anne is freaking us out.

  • Terrifying Lady

    Those eyes will haunt you.

  • Gang's All Here

    Like most of the costumes in this slideshow, these guys are as indiscernible as they are creepy.

  • Ghost

    We'll never look at white sheets the same way again.

  • The Tie Pulls It All Together

    The horror, that is.

  • Woman Of Your Nightmares

    Holding the two dolls just makes everything worse.

  • Frightening Foursome

    The eye holes in the mask on the left are somehow the creepiest part of this.

  • Unicorn Father

    What better way to spend a baby's Halloween than by scaring the crap out of him?

  • Bacon

    A literal reading of a Sir Francis Bacon costume. (Yes, this is real.)

  • Robots

    They one day may learn to love, but they will never learn how not to be creepy.

  • Cigar

    Today this would not have gone over well with the neighborhood parents.

  • Oil Derricks

    Creative yes, but something about the real thing in the background and the masks on the folks to the left (and yes, perhaps the movie "There Will Be Blood") that makes this undeniably creepy.

  • "Cinderella" characters

    Something about vintage Disney costumes is inherently, undeniably frightening.

  • Uncle Sams

    Little known facts about Uncle Sam: He's three feet tall, and has a wife who loves masquerade parties.

  • Witch

    Ironically, Halloween costumes seem to become <i>less</i> scary as they become more realistic.

  • Leather Guy From The Village People

    A must-have for any child on Halloween, right?

  • Pumpkin Girl

    Ah, the Guardian of the Pumpkin Patch. The guardian of our nightmares.

  • The Whole Gang

    As disturbing at this photo is, imagine how frightening the <i>party itself</i> must have been.

  • Child Skeleton

    Here's a tip: That top hat does not eliminate the creepiness.

  • Cornfield Stalker

    He's looking at you, whether you know it or not.

  • Dear God

    What if we told you this wasn't a costume? And that this baby is in your house? And you're in a Spanish horror film?

  • Goblins

    Everyone's favorite child duo, Deformed Hobo & Angry Witch.

  • ???

    Honestly, we don't even know what this is. But try and tell us you won't have nightmares.

  • Clown

    What circus clown <em>doesn't</em> have the face of Rip Taylor?

  • Ghouls

    Tim Burton As A Young Man, obviously.

  • Castle Man

    A rejected extra from "Beauty and the Beast," probably.

  • Trick Or Treat

    We'd stay away from these four troublemakers.

  • Halloween Circa 1990

    Maybe this isn't actually scary. Or is it scarier than all the others combined?

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